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Ahmad_tbp 2nd February 2007 07:22 AM

sounds silly .. but do i need a 48v phantom power ?
hi all ...
( i donno if i put this thread here right !? )
a vocalist friend of mine wanna buy a mic to record vocals . and he ask me if i search and see what s best in the price range for him ,.. any way .. i read bout the behringer b1 , and the reviewer said that they use a 48v phantom power supply for it !? what s that ? do i need that if i wanna buy one ? any mic wants a power supply ? and wat if i want to use it with a preamp ?

unmibh 2nd February 2007 08:26 AM


The mic you mention are the Condenser type mic, they require the 48V phantom power supply in order to work.

If you check some audio mixer by the same company or others you will find that they have these facility of the phantom suppy to be on or off on that particular mic input.

I will guess that the mic you know are the moving coil mic which simply do not need any power supply.

These are another kind.



Ahmad_tbp 2nd February 2007 10:35 AM

hi , and thnx , so for b1 i need a 48v phantom power to make it work ? can i build one ? lol

pinkmouse 2nd February 2007 10:45 AM

Google "Phantom Power Microphone" for lots of info. One simple project is at

Minion 2nd February 2007 06:18 PM

If your Friend is Plugging the Mic into a Mixer or preamp to use it (which by the way is needed to use a Mic) then that mixer or preamp probably has Phantom Power built into it so it can use Condenser mics....

Check the Equipment that your friend is plugging the mic into to see if it Has Phantom Power before you buy a condenser mic so you will know if you need a seperate Power supply or not.....

As to how to build a +48v Phantom power supply it is Pretty easy if you have a basic knowelge of electronics...

I have built several useing s basic 52v Low current Power transformer, a couple rectifier Diodes, a 47v Zener Diode ,a 470uF Filtering Capacitor, 2 x 47uF DC Blocking capicitors per mic, and 2 x 6.8k 1% resistors for each Mic you want to power and a small Chassis and some pannel mount XLR Connectors.....


Ahmad_tbp 2nd February 2007 07:35 PM

thnx so much for replies ...
as far as i know he hasn t any pre amp with power supply , only a tube pre amp i built for him a few month ago , and it hasn t a phantom supply ,,,
i think i ll make him the supply myself . i know abit bout electronics , built lotsa amps , preamps , guitar/bass effect pedals ...
the only question i have is how to connect the supply to mic , i read bout it in the link that pinkmouse (thnx) sent in previous reply ...
and i wonder if i u guys have a more clear circuit for me , i didn t find any better circuit in google , and i m afraidin if i fall makin a good noisless phantom supply ...

Gordy 2nd February 2007 10:54 PM

A quick Google will find lots of mic / 48v pages. Here are two examples:

Burnedfingers 3rd February 2007 10:30 AM

It is important to note that NOT ALL condenser microphones need 48 volts in order to work.

This will depend on the manufacturer but I have seen some that will work with as low as 3 volts.

Sometimes some experimentation is in order. I can site a number of times when I have had Phantom power fail in a mixer and I used a Crown Phantom power box that put out 18 volts via two 9 volt batteries.

Usually if they specify 48 volts they won't work on less but then again I have seen exceptions to this also.

I have also seen several Phantom supplies as high as 64 volts.

Since they are so easy to make it is a good idea to have one on hand.

Ahmad_tbp 3rd February 2007 10:36 AM

hi , thnx for replies ,,,
i read some details and some reviews bout that mic , and it needs a phantom power ...
thanks all , i ll tryin to build one of the circuits u sent me ,
thanks all again ..

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