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testarossa2k 10th December 2006 04:47 PM

a simple amplifier to build?
I have very little experience and I would like to build a power amp to use with my preamp. I don't need tons of watt, but enough to get "live sound" without distortion from my speaker wich have 96db.

thank you

sreten 10th December 2006 06:01 PM :)/sreten.

Leolabs 11th December 2006 12:52 AM

Or Gainclone.

v-bro 11th December 2006 01:18 AM


Or other...

I know this answer belongs more to the class D section....but couldn't resist...It is 'live sound' you're after right, well here's an option that won't cost you an arm and a leg...

lineup 11th December 2006 01:43 AM

Re: a simple amplifier to build?

Originally posted by testarossa2k
I have very little experience and I would like to build a power amp to use with my preamp. I don't need tons of watt, but enough to get "live sound" without distortion from my speaker wich have 96db.

Nelson Pass F1, F2
are amplifiers designed especially for Loudspeakers with a bit higher efficiency.
96dB SPL would be a perfect match.

FirstWatt amps do not have plenty of watt.
But those few watts they have are very high quality = Class A.
This is why Mr. Pass has called this project for First Watt
and the website is

It is a later construction of The Master Pass, only a couple of years since and still under some development.
He has recently given away his F2 schematics
and some people are trying to build copy of these interesting amplifiers.

If you go for this, FirstWatt F1 or F2, you would have good back up from other Nelson Pass builders,
right now working at such amplifier project.
Maybe even from Mister Pass himself ...
He is an amplifier designer/constructor in absolute World Class

Links, more info and schematics:
DIY - F2 Clone
F2 Initial Listening Impressions
6moons audio reviews: FirstWatt F2 - DIYsite of Nelson Pass - Commercial Nelson Pass Amplifiers

Lineup Audio :cool:

lineup 11th December 2006 02:09 AM

6moons review of FirstWatt F2

A little story from the 6moons review of
the, at the time new, First Watt F2 amplifier by Pass

The new 5wpc Class A current-source F2 is a 2nd-order champ,
based closely on the original Zen amp
but without feedback.

This family resemblance occurred to a poster on the diyAudio forum.
"I assume that the F2 uses a lower supply voltage (between 25-30V) and a higher bias (3A perhaps?). It is yet unclear whether it uses a buffer or nor but I have some indications that it is built without a buffer, one Mosfet only. Now, it makes me wonder which device Nelson employed: IRFP044? Or maybe something else like a 2SK1529?"

If you don't already know it, Mr. Pass is highly supportive of DIYers.
For years, he has made available detailed schematics for his various Zen amps.
Besides being a creative outlet for unconventional amps the mainstream could never embrace, First Watt of course also has commercial aspects.
Its designer simply can't divulge all secrets before a particular incarnation has sold out (which, incidentally, is rapidly approaching for the F1, meaning service schematics will soon open the book on how to build your own F1).

So this is how Nelson replied to the above inquiry:
"24V; 2.7A; no buffer;
IRFP240 (gain) / IRFP9240 (ccs);
5 watts into 8 ohm;
15.5 dB gain;
-1 dB @ 100 KHz;
20 uV noise."

To which the poster retorted,
"Oh Nelson,
it seems you are describing a low-voltage original Zen with no FB."

And Nelson's crafty reply to that?
"Seems that way, doesn't it?"


:D :D :clown: :D :D

Regards and laughter from

testarossa2k 12th December 2006 11:15 AM

thank you. Now I'm reading all carefully to understand something

AndrewT 12th December 2006 04:23 PM

with 96db speakers, then not much power is needed.

You could consider a JLH with near 10W.
Many threads and designs on Hood's amp.

whatsnext 12th December 2006 05:55 PM

DOZ is pretty simple if you have a big heatsink laying around.

testarossa2k 13th December 2006 08:30 PM

is it possible to modify an exsisting amplifier to sound better?

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