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Tyimo 29th November 2006 12:38 PM

Audio Analogue Puccini

Has somebody any experience with the Audio Analogue Puccini amp???

I read about a lot of good things and test and the amp is also very well documented. It has only one "problem": the bass is not enough punchy and dynamically.... (even the S.E. version)


if you're looking for a punchy and dynamically involving amplifier please DON'T buy the Puccini. But if you're looking for a sweet and smooth Music lover...look no further
Maybe we could cure this problem with some more bias:)



moamps 29th November 2006 05:21 PM


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Tyimo 29th November 2006 07:29 PM


It is not too much......


viktor1986 29th November 2006 08:30 PM


Originally posted by moamps

The offtopic post by viktor1986 has been moved to the proper thread, which is to be found here:



Sorry but I did not think on that link.

Here is link

moamps 29th November 2006 08:43 PM

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lineup 30th November 2006 01:18 AM

2 Attachment(s)
A very special power amplifier,
by the clever Italian Federico Paoletti.
Audio Analogue amps and Puccini has got very good reviews in the Audio press.

Some info of Puccini.
Puccini uses dual supply.
Uses NE5534 Op-amp input.
NE5534 power supply is bootstrapped and so following the OUTPUT voltage!
This technique is not unknown and Paoletti was inspired by the work of another circuit designer.

This way the op-amp can help put out higher power.
Much more voltage peak, than ~+-20V which is max voltage supply for NE5534.

More info at Federico Paoletti audio pages.
Article about Puccini:

I attach schematic of Puccini SE ( special edition version )

Tyimo 30th November 2006 05:09 AM

Hi Lineup!:D
It seems that only you are writing here!:)

Thanks for the infos, but I know it already. I also posted you about this Opamp tuning method in the Power DAC thread. You know what I mean.....:)

The first question is:
-Is the bass not enough punchy and dynamically or not???
I know the overal sound is very sweet.

Why nobody cloned them yet?



lineup 30th November 2006 05:52 AM

How do you know about the bass sound of Puccini?
We should be a bit careful to judge ,
what somebody says after listening, as the plain truth - or regard this is a fact.
Somebody else may say another thing.
It is a bit personal taste, that can make us say things.


Yes a clone of Puccini!
There are plenty of improvements I can think of by looking at schematic.
To me it looks like a very old amplifier, if looking at the components.

Already with those 'old-fashion' semiconductors, it has got very nice reviews, even here in my country.
I have an audio magazine in my archives, with great review of Puccini!

Think what good amplifier it would be, if with an upgrade!

I mean:

Power supply:
+-33.5 VDC Without Any Load

Power transformer:
this is a toroidal 150VA, with dual primary (115+115Vac) and
dual secondary (2x50Vac, each one center tapped).
Gives each channel 75 VA, 2x25 VAC.

Input capacitor:
1uF into 39kohm. ( = 39 kohm x uF )

NE5534 ... okay it is not a bad Op-Amp .. but sure are better now!

VBE multiplier:
BC517 a simple darlington TO92

TIP142, Two TIP147, Darlington Switch transistors 125 Watt/per device
with Storage & Fall time 2.5 uS and rise time 0.55 uS
Only one pair in standard Puccini.
Two pairs! in SE Special Edition

After the selector switch there is a buffer stage, with a decoupling filter (C10/R12) and another low pass filter (R46/C48): the first sets the -3dB point at 1.6Hz, the second at 1.6MHz; the input impedance is 50k.
The out of the buffer (half of a dual TLE2072 op-amp) goes to the tape-out (via R42) and to the volume pot.
Here we have a story: at the beginning (first two or three hundred Puccinis) the pot was a Phier type, but some people reported an unsatisfactory tracking of the two channels; we made some tests, even with some Iskra types, and we decided to change to a more expensive, but more reliable ALPS pot.

some data:
Damping factor >100@1kHz/1W/8Ohm
S/N ratio >80dB for Line input
-3dB points are at <10Hz and >100kHz


Well, anybody thinks could be any improvements? :D

But would these improvements make a good amplifier be a n even better sounding amplifier?

I think so.


Tyimo 30th November 2006 12:43 PM

Hi Lineup!

Thanks for your high quality answer!

It is getting more interesting.

What about to crank up the bias?!? Getting closer to class A??


RSK 30th November 2006 03:33 PM

AA Puccini SE
I have used the Puccini SE before and found it very good musicaly and designed almost to the taste of valves.

One mod I did was changing the output fuses with good quality ones and found to be more dynamic.

If you look at Federico's site, there is an amp called Aria which he designed the same as Puccini but with little changes in resistors to suite a different presentation. Perhaps you could write to him(as I have before and he is such a nice person) and ask him of his opinion on how to further improve the amp.


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