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deepanger 6th December 2002 11:00 PM

high volt/high current DIY home PS.
wanna to build a good reliable home PS. which can provide up
to say 10A with regulated + & - volts up to say 40V.
i know itsnt that easy project to build ...

but anyone has schematics for a similar PS.?
or even a good design guide?


CryingDragon 7th December 2002 02:43 AM

that's 400Va,your best bet would be to but a toridal transformer and run the secondarity through a full wave bridge and then into some caps for filtering.

ststone 7th December 2002 03:25 AM

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ststone 7th December 2002 03:41 AM

Loose your anger and I will send your schematics.
What is your local outlet voltage and what are you gona use it for.

Old Man just waiting to talk

traderbam 7th December 2002 10:42 AM

I must apologize for not having a schematic to hand, but I hope this will make enough sense to be of some help.

I would build two 40V psus based on standard regulators - like LM317 - but add a spritely high power, slave bipolar to handle the current - like an MJ15022. LM317 datasheets usually show how to do this. This way you get all the benefits of a sophisticated regulator.

Then just connect the two 40V psus in series.

You only need one, dual-secondary transformer.


deepanger 7th December 2002 01:45 PM

2 Attachment(s)
ive build my 1st PS. along time ago its +12/-12/+5/-5 3A one
the outlet volt in here is 220 , i just need to build a very good
PS. that can handle as i told b4 about 10A or maybe more current
with regulation upto say 40V. so i can test my upcomings Amp.
projects. (eg. the smallest and the only one i made is a TDA1554
one IC 12v. car amplifier so sure it cannt be properly tested with
my current one (3A Max.) and so on....

the only schematic ive found online is for the LM338K IC regulator
but its 5A, upto 30V and no neg. output (only + and ground)..
here its..

UrSv 7th December 2002 02:11 PM

The potentiometer needs to be connected as reostat with wiper and one leg connected or otherwise your output voltage will go to rail-1.25 V when the wiper looses contacts with the track.

#2: Read this:

Previous post gave you directions.


joensd 7th December 2002 02:42 PM

There are some 10A regulators like LT1038.
The problem is to handle the dissipation if you need a very low voltage at that currents.
The easiest solution is always a variable AC-voltage source (variac) followed by a rectifier and some caps.
But that might be cost intensive if you don´t get it second-hand.
I´ve seen a lot good offers on Ebay but haven´t bought one myself so far.
Maybe you could keep good contact with the repairshop near your place and just take your finished project there and use their variacs?
You´re always welcome in our shop and use ours if you´re in germany ;)


jackinnj 7th December 2002 04:47 PM

you also want to put a diode across the regulator to allow a path for the caps to discharge (rather than discharging through the regulator.)

halojoy 7th December 2002 09:39 PM

high volt/high current DIY home PS.
2 Attachment(s)

Originally posted by deepanger
wanna to build a good reliable home PS
This is not an answer for you.
But if any TUBE guy comes in here (because of your Thread-name)
and wants real high voltage regulator,
here is one alternative.

It can put out 100mA and over 400 volts,
APEX PA88 op-amp in TO3 8-pin

PA88 High Voltage Power Operational Amplifier FEATURES, HIGH VOLTAGE

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