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Nattakorn 25th September 2001 08:20 AM

I am a beginer diy from Thailand. I plan to build Balance ZEN preamp and Aleph 5. But in Thailand I can't find IRF610 and IRF9610.

What happens if I use IRF510 and IRF9510 replace with
IRF610 and IRF9610 in Balance ZEN preamp.
Is sound quality change ?

And if I replace that mosfet, have any value in schematic need to modify ?

Thank you

Nelson Pass 25th September 2001 05:57 PM

the 510's anf 9510's will work just great.

Tony D. 25th September 2001 11:37 PM

I built both the BrideOZ and the BrideOSOZ and I used IRF610 initially and then replaced them with the 510 and I prefer the sound of the 510.

The soundstage with the 510 is large and airy and to my ears it has a generally sweeter sound than the 610.

Tony D.

promitheus 26th September 2001 09:15 PM

What has less input capacitance will be better of course. I used IRF620 and IRF9620 and worked just fine. The 510 and 9510 will also work great from what I know from others.

Minh 22nd November 2001 01:01 AM

I also like the 510 but where I am, only the IRF510 are available and not the complimentary IRF9510.

Is it possible to use the IRF510 for the amp stage and others (eg IRF9620 and IRF620) for the power supply?.

Also since the IRF510 has Vds=100V, will the power supply need to be change say from +-60 rail to +-50V rail?

cp642 22nd November 2001 05:00 AM

IRF9620 and 620 will be fine as the supply regulator and as for IRF510 as the substitute for IRF610, I believe the replies above says it all. Supply rail will remain at 60.

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