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dawgbite 19th April 2006 06:31 PM

audio control richter scale series III
i was wondering if anyone knew of some good sources for finding used components other than Ebay......i've been looking for an Audio Control Richter Scale Series III to balance my low end with my mains and to get more out of the very low end of the spectrum....a Velodyne SMS-1 is a little out of my price range at the is the $400 dollar asking price for the Audio Control new (do they still produce these?)...ive found a couple of vendors selling the Richter Scale as new....i was pretty sure that these were made in the early to mid 90's....they were ahead of thier time - i guess that a full spectrum EQ isnt totally out of the question...but for right now i have a receiver running the 5.1 and im using two Marantz MA-500 running two 18" subs....and everything sounds really good to not an audiophile by any means...just love listening to movies with really good dynamics...and i just want a little more power in the very low end and blend into the mains better @ the crossover point....i dont really ever seeing myself going to a fully dedicated pre-amp and seperate power for all very happy with the receiver - anyway...ive only ran across a couple of Richters on Ebay....and i always get outbid and its drives me crazy....once the price gets close to $ rather buy a new one, but was hoping to get in to one cheaper because i am unsure of the impact it will make

ive combed all of the local pawn shops.....rarely run across one on ebay and they are usually a much sought after item - so if anyone has a link to a secret site that sales used equipment that has eluded me on my searches would be much appreciated.....or if anyone has a different solution on what im looking to do please advise....thank you!!

dawgbite 19th April 2006 06:54 PM

so ive come across a couple on Ebay...but they generally tend to go above and beyond what im willing to then i came across a new listing and irresponsibly put in the starting bid on a Richter Scale before looking very closly at it....its a Richter Scale but its obviously an earlier model then the Series III -- i can find barely any info on the Series III and no info at all on earlier models....i only know that the line was started in 1981 and all models are "older" electronics...they just created the product before it was really sought after

i was hoping someone can identify this model or has any expierience with it before i get into a bidding war with willing to pony up the $150 ive bid on it...but i wont go further if it is an inferior model to the Series III - does anyone know what this is exactly....and how it compares to the Series III - are the differences that vast?? - here is the URL to the product i bid on: =1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1

and here is the unit i was actually looking for:

any info, help, or opinions will be greatly appreciated

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