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beamnet 29th January 2006 09:04 PM

cheap but convincing amp
My brother has very cool vinyl decks, very neat dali speakers and a good dvd player.

Now what bothers me that he has a very big sony amp. The kind that lets yous digitally adjust bass, select presets and stuff. That gives me a cold chill. I think it sounds cheap and harsh.

Now i am looking to make an amp that convinces him that a good discrete amp is better.

I am looking for a schematic that's cheap and uses readily availeable components. i have some xformers and caps.

Nothing fancy, but over 50 watt.

any suggestions?


MikeB 29th January 2006 09:11 PM

Hmm, maybe a symasym ? 60watts into 8ohm, 100watts into 4ohm. (see my WWW)


jaycee 30th January 2006 02:46 AM

P3A. Only "fancy" parts are the outputs, and at a pinch you can use MJ15003/4 or similar.

clem_o 30th January 2006 03:46 AM

Check if there is a direct patch to the amplifier stage, skipping the digital stage(s). On my Sony amp there is a "direct 5.1" input, that seems to jump everything else except the volume control. Works wonders when its straight-patched, and may help convince him that a good power amp is worth the investment.


beamnet 30th January 2006 12:50 PM


and at a pinch you can use MJ15003/4 or similar.
What do you mean?

Ik have been looking at that project!


lineup 30th January 2006 01:04 PM


Originally posted by beamnet

... and at a pinch you can use MJ15003/4 or similar ...

What do you mean?
I have been looking at that project!


'at a pinch'
- if you get into a situation where you have not many other options
- like an emergency situation

in this case:
if you cant find original output power transistors, you can use MJ15003/MJ15004 or MJ15024/MJ15025

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