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Leolabs 22nd December 2005 12:46 AM

Yamaha AV amp,good for movie but not music???
Is it true???

anatech 22nd December 2005 01:58 AM

Hi Leolabs,
That's a question that needs defining.

With movies, generally a lower audio quality is acceptable. With music, the experience is entirely dependent on the quality of the speakers and electronics. This is assuming a reasonable room and low noise level.

So really, you need to define the minimum quality acceptable to you while listening to music.

I'll answer your question this way. I have a surround sound system in one room. I have a few good music systems in other rooms. The music systems have more money invested in each than the surround system. I find music played on the surround receiver (Carver HTR 880) unacceptable for music. It works fine for movies. This is using the same speakers for front as my main music speakers. I am worried about blowing the Carver up. Need bigger amps maybe. :devilr:

Another way to look at this. An equivalent surround system would be about 5/2 times more expensive than a stereo system. Plus the extra speakers. That's just for equivalent quality. In my opinion anyhow.


jaycee 22nd December 2005 02:52 AM

A lot of AV amps are now class D affairs so that they can stuff 5 amplifier channels into a slim case. While i've no doubt that well designed class D amps could sound good, the economy jobs they put in AV recievers are probably only suitable for material such as movies, and will show up all sorts of flaws with real music.

Stick to two seperate systems, IMO

MikeB 22nd December 2005 09:12 AM

BUT, does not not most movies contain a lot of music ? :scratch:


Nanook 22nd December 2005 11:52 AM

class d for music...
well yes, most movies do contain music, but some how our minds are focused on the image more so than the music:-), the audio tracks on movies are there out of necessity. Was it Robert Hartley that suggested an inexpensive home theater set up and a good 2 channel hi fi

There are class "T" available for home theater as well, and if what can be done with a Tripath "5066" is any indications, then I can't imagine that these would be so bad. Teac has a 5 channel receiver available.

Consider the Teac ALP-700 (do a search here at diyaudio), or what about the various class d) XR Panasonics ?

anatech 22nd December 2005 12:41 PM

Hi Nanook,
Yes, that's my main point. Now the need is to get an A/V amp that doesn't blow up when the sound is turned up.

I am going to try using separate amps. More punch maybe, better reliability. The preceding stages will still destroy the sound for audio listening.


spongebob-2005 28th December 2005 02:54 PM

I have a Yamaha RXV-1200 and it sounds great in both modes. But I would lie if Iīd say that it sounds better than an old big Yamaha-amplifier, especially in "Stereo-Mode". If think if you want to get some quality sound you have to pay therefore. My AV-receiver is class A/B, I think. Itīs a very big Receiver with enough power. I think if you want both, you have to spend some money an get a big model.
For adequate surround and stereo sound you have to buy also some good loudspeakers. Donīt safe money at them.
So if surround and stereo buy Yamaha!

Boris (spongebob-2005)

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