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Supertib 4th December 2005 05:24 PM

Home theater system
hello from Winnipeg Manitoba.....I do custom embroidery and silkscreening as well I am a digitizer and I write programs for CNC embroidery machines....I program for many sports teams and corporate well I am into modding cars and currently have the highesr HP naturaly aspirated V-6 Tiburon in North AMerica...with alot of custom parts I am 78 whp above stock,

anyways I had to sell my home theater setup 2 years ago to help fund my new business.....My business is starting to do quite good and I want to replace my old setup....The thought of a DIY setup really appeals to me......

My old setup consisted of a Harmon Kardon AVR 8000 receiver, Definitive BP10B towers, and the rest of the timber matched Definitive set...including a 250 wat 12" sub as well.............My setup was very very nice sounding, the HK receiver had quite a bit of power and had a very warm natural sound....I also really liked my definitive speakers, they had an awesome soundstaqe and very clear sound.

I am 75 % home theater and 25 % MUSIC.... I would like to buy a good quility sourround decoder(receiver with no power) and build the rest of the system myself,

I am an excelent wood worker and I used to build furniture profesionaly, I am also an accomplished finisher and have my own turbine HVLP system.....I have done alot of laquer finishing on MDF, as well as real wood..........also my brother works as a machinist and has a 3 axis CNC mill as well as all the manual machines.. and added to my arsenal is the fact my GF is a Goldsmith who is very good a lost wax casting we have the ability to make show quality cabinets for the speakers and as well to build custom cases for the amps complete with plated gold decorations if wanted......................

I am not very knowledgeable with electronics, but I have a few freinds who are electronic engineers who have already agreed to help me with the project

My budget for everything is about $5000.00 including the receiver.....

I need to have better 2 channel sound then my old setup, as even though the Definitives are very good they are still only 6.5" drivers and they lack the sound of bigger speakers...they simulate the sound but aren't quite there

So I really would like some advice which way to go....I want something that will outperform my old setup, as well I want to add some design style and character too match our house.....

JZatopa 4th December 2005 11:29 PM

You are planing quite a large system and you have many different things you could DIY. It seems to me you want to build speakers and a sub for 5.1 and amps to match. If you are planing on building your own amps then rather then a receiver you need a processor. If you are not going to build the amps then you will want to buy a receiver. I think you should read about the different designs that have already been built by other and see what fits your needs. If you are just looking for suggestions on what to build take a look at the aleph amps. For speakers look into any design using SEAS excel driver ie. the thor speakers from madisound.

Supertib 5th December 2005 01:23 AM

I would love some advice as where to start....I tried loooking over the site but there is soo much information and seems to be some conflicting information, but I am still very unsure of where to start, or what to start with....I am actualy kind of confused, I dont even know how my HK would be classified is is a, AB. D ? i dont even know......I have been reading here for about 2 months as I have I'm not too lazy to look for myself, its just I cant seem to find anything definitively laid out..I just want some advice from a few of you who know this stuff already.....I want a nice high end 5.1 surround system to outperform my last setup.....any help will be greatly appreciated......

amplifierguru 5th December 2005 06:10 AM

Hi Supertib,

From a small sand island off sub-tropical Australia. I do amplifier kits. You can view my website. My amplifiers are ideal for a home theatre application as they are desensitized, by design, to power supply interaction, allowing you to build one power supply to power all. If you have a 5.1 output with inclusive volume control, all you need is power amplifiers, good ones that let the detail through and block the crap!

My amplifiers are patent pending superior complementary R2R efficient 'todays technology today' and will deliver up to 150W /ch. They are easy to build, simple to set up - and I'm here to walk you through it!

too easy. talk to me.


Dick West 7th December 2005 11:23 PM

Life is too short for too much DIY. Older Hafler amps are a great bang for the buck and cheaper than building from scratch. Get 3 of the DH-220 and you will be happy.

I have been using the Outlaw 950 pre/pro and could not be happier. It recently has been superceded by the 990 and a 970 soon will be available. Perhaps as some move from their Outlaw 950 to the 990 you could pick up a used 950 at an attractive price.

The parts I listed will make an excellent HT and at an attractive price and won't use up several months of your time with DIY.

My $0.02 . . . .


amplifierguru 8th December 2005 12:01 AM

Hi Dick,

Easy peasy solution.

Trouble is - you miss the "I built that" elation (hopefully) and the learning curve.

Oh and for those of us who appreciate really good sound - you're ears won't allow you to make a retrograde step - they'll reject you! Y'hear!


Supertib 8th December 2005 01:39 AM

well actualy I have a whole winter to hibernate with no car to I want to learn something new and challenging.........As honestly I am not an audiophile, I like the sound of my H/K AVR 8000 with Definitive BP10B's quite alot...i listen to heavy metal music, industrial and even some club dance, as well as Jamaican ......But by no means am I an audiophile, as to me my HK is as good as it gets LOL...........

I can buy a AVR 7300 for $1299.00 and it will suit my purposes 100%.....But this time I am not after bang for buck or time, I am looking for a project that I can show off some of my artistic skills ( I have built show quality furniture for 10 years as a hobby) I have my own HVLP spray system and very good finishing skills.. My brother has a 3 axis CNC mill as well as all the manual tools, so making a cool case is no top it off my Girlfreind is a Goldsmith and is very good with wax sculpting and casting, as well as gold plating between my woodworking skill, my brothers machining skills and my GF"s artistic abilities with metal we will be able to make something completey original and beautiful...and then to be able to say "we made that" also letting my GF design the looks will allow me a huge amount of Spousal approval......These wont be my monster amps and speakers these will be ours.....which will mean i get to use them more as they were meant to be used.......

JZatopa 8th December 2005 04:27 AM

Do you have any amps or receivers at all? If so I would build in stages.
The first thing I would have you build would be the speakers. You could either start with the front speakers and the sub or build all five speakers and the sub. This way you could use the speakers and sub with the stereo receiver/amp you have. You could then decide on if you want to buy a receiver or processor depending on if you plan on building your own amps.

Supertib 8th December 2005 06:44 AM

yes I would start with speakers....I currently have no equipment anymore, as I sold it to start my ebroidery business.....but that was 3 years ago, and its time to replace my hardware LOL....MY GF really misses our old setup

for reference MY room is 12' X 16' ......MY Def Tech's were very very nice sounding speakers....I really like the Bipolar sound stage, it seemed to sound very good......but it did sound better in 5.1 music mode then only 2 channel stereo.....the Def Tech's were very detailed and warm but they lacked the punch for 2 channel...with all 5 channels running it had good sound pressure.....but they arew still small speakers

I would really like to have the same surround effects and wrm listening of the Def Tech's but I would like alot more stereo punch in 2 even run 2 channel without needing a sub.....My buddy has the Klipsche Cornwalls running with a Rotel amp....thise are music speakers........i want something that is warm and easy to listen to but when neede can peel the paint off my neigbors walls

JZatopa 8th December 2005 07:28 PM

I suggest you post in the loudspeaker forum for help on deciding on speakers. I personaly would go with something using seas excel speakers but that may be out of your price range for 5 speakers.

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