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jonz 27th October 2005 02:56 AM

crest cpx 2600
I bought a crest cpx 2600 to power my two 15 inch Tempest subs....there is one thing I can't figure out....if I turn the attentuators up to near maximum it's starts to clip during the action scenes...whereas my carver tfm 35(previous amp) I had the attentuators full never clipped....
If I turn them to around 2 o'clock then it's fine....with tremendous this normal....?

amplifierguru 27th October 2005 03:10 AM

Hi jonz,

Your amplifier likely has more gain than the previous one so needs less input to drive it to full power. Your stops should be at 2o'clock now so you don't overdrive it.


Enzo 27th October 2005 03:42 AM

Power and sensitivity are two separate things. An amp is capable of producing X watts into a load, but that says nothing of the input signal level required to drive it to that output level.

A lot of amps have a switch to select input sensitivity. In various audio systems, the -10db consumer stuff considers full out line level a different thing than the +4db pro stuf does for that crowd.

jonz 27th October 2005 10:25 AM

Here is a pic of the back of the you guys see anything I could possibly set..that would make a difference...

Burnedfingers 27th October 2005 10:40 AM

If its a commercial/pro amplifier its likely the gain is setup so that it can reach full power with an input of .7 volt. Most home audio amplifiers need 1 volt or more input to obtain full power. Some have a switch that can be selected. In any case back down the gain so the amplifier doesn't clip. Never depend on input control settings as they will/can change from amp to amp.

djk 1st September 2006 11:20 AM

If I remember correctly, the top light on the Carver is labeled 'headroom exhausted'.

What does that really mean?

There is a built in limiter in the larger Carver amplifiers, it has about 14dB of dynamic range. When the 'headroom exhausted' light comes on the limiter has run out of range, ie: the input has been driven 14dB higher than what would cause clipping without the limiter.

The IGM light on the Crest comes on the instant the input to the Crest would cause it to clip, and it goes into limiting.

The Carver light comes on when the amp it more than 10dB into compression, the Crest light come on the instant the amp goes into compression.

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