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PicancoNet 2nd June 2005 12:13 AM

Simplest class B Amplifier
Anyone has a simple Class B Amplifier ?

Leolabs 2nd June 2005 03:13 AM

What for?????:confused: :confused: :confused:

Duo 2nd June 2005 03:17 AM

I do have some very simple class B ideas.

If you want extreme simplicity, I suggest an opamp and diode biased output stage. This can be accomplished with a minimal amount of components and operate with fair audio quality at low distortion if done properly.

PicancoNet 2nd June 2005 04:57 AM

I want a simple audio amplifier with discret components.

The input stage can be a op-amp.

amplifierguru 2nd June 2005 05:20 AM

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Here you are then.

Still leaves room for embellishment. RtoR. Good for sub.

AndrewT 2nd June 2005 06:40 AM

Hi Amplifierguru,
Looks like a CFP using FETs
Should the Vgs +Rs be fed from the Vce of the driver?
or from a resistor in the collector supply of the driver?
How does the VAS determine it's voltage gain? There is no feedback resistor, just a 330p cap. Or is it 4k7/100r? Seems a bit large @ times 47.

rintek 2nd June 2005 01:10 PM

Simplest class B Amplifier
Simplest class B Amplifier Post #1
Anyone has a simple Class B Amplifier ?

Miles Prower 2nd June 2005 08:38 PM

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Anyone has a simple Class B Amplifier ?

Here, they don't come any simpler than this. Here is part of the audio strip for a longwave receiver I designed and built awhile ago. Pay attention to the final that is connected to the active CW filter.

Works just great for this application. Of course, as for audio quality: :bawling:

Then, again, high fidelity is neither needed nor desireable in this application.

Edit: Forgot a decimal point. The emitter resistors are 1.0/1.0W, not 10 ohms.

Duo 2nd June 2005 11:15 PM

Lol, the PNP transistor in the push-pull output stage on that CW radio amplifier is in backwards.

By changing that amplifier to work with negative global feedback, it would be not bad.

Duo 3rd June 2005 12:04 AM

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Here's a design of great simplicity that I've used in a lot of projects when I needed a quick amplifier.

If you like, I can show you one with even more simplicity that uses three transistors, however, it's nowhere near as nice as the one I've shown here.

(NOTE) The input cap is 2.2F. I guess if you want a better low roloff you could put 22F lol.

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