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Sigurd Ruschkow 28th March 2005 11:02 AM

What output and driver transistors are the high-end manufactures using

it would be interesting to know a little about what the high end solid state audio manufacturers are using for output and driver transistors for their high-end power amplifiers.

Some people on the forum seem to like these output transistors:
Toshiba 5200 / 1943
Sanken 1216 / 2922
Motorola MJ15022/13, MJ15024/25, MJ21193/94

but what are the high-end audio SS manufacturers using?

If you know the driver and / or output transistors any high-end solid state audio manufacturer is using, this thread can be like a database for people to search!


Giaime 28th March 2005 11:57 AM

AM Audio M-150 Reference: 20 Hitachi power mosfets 2Sj162/2sk1058

AM Audio A-1 preamp: dual FETs Toshiba 2sk389/2Sj109, Hitachi 2SK214-2SJ77

Bow Technologies Wazoo: outputs Toshiba 2SK1530/2SJ201

Harman/Kardon 630: 2SD1148/2SB863

Karan Acoustics i180: Sanken 2SC2922/2SA1216 (RET, ring emitter transistor, practically multiple BTJs on a single die, placed like a ring)

Marantz PM 7000: 2SA1941/2SC5198

Thule IA 60 (B): 2SA1633/2SC4278

Yamaha AX 592: 2SA1694 (PNP) e 2SC4467 (NPN)

My NAD 3020: 2N3055/MJ2955

Some of these amps are not really high-end, and some brands are unknown to the masses, that's because some of them are small italian firms. Hope this helps!

Ps my personal preference goes to the MJ15003 and it complementary... simply overkill...

Sigurd Ruschkow 28th March 2005 12:53 PM


I can add my power amp that was designed by the Danish hifi magazine called "high fidelity" in 1984.
This 120 W power amp uses:
Sanken 2SC2922 / 2SA1216 and as drivers the BD419/420

Might aswell add the AKSA amp as one could call that a high-end amp: Toshiba 5200 / 1943

LC-Audio and their Millennium XP uses
Sanken 2SC2922 / 2SA1216 + 2SD1763A / 2SB1188A
and in their ZAPsolute MK4 they use
Sanken 2SC2922 / 2SA1216 + 2SA1633 / 2SC4278

This is the "high fidlity" amp:


Eva 28th March 2005 01:30 PM

Essentially Sanken, Toshiba and Sanyo devices are the ones used for bipolar output stages

Leolabs 28th March 2005 02:22 PM

Musical Fidelity modern days favourite:SAP15/SAN15

They are darlingtons from Sanken,with on-die thermal compensation diodes(bye Vbe multiplier if u r lazy),much close to Kenwood's TRAIT. Look like normal TO-264 power devices with 5 pins.

K-amps 28th March 2005 02:50 PM


Originally posted by Eva
Essentially Sanken, Toshiba and Sanyo devices are the ones used for bipolar output stages

Tsk Tsk Tsk Eva, you pay no homage to the mighty Dan D'....:D

he has always used Motorola/ ON outputs.

Sigurd, Krell uses proprietary outputs from On semi (MOT). Possibly closest match would be MJ21193/4/5/6.

JC Halo's use Sankens

ML uses TOS in newer models.

Jan Dupont 28th March 2005 02:56 PM

One thing is what they did use......
Another thing is what they SHOULD have used :D

I will go for Motorola/OnSemi or Sanken ;)

binary 28th March 2005 03:17 PM

Someone knows which are the power transistors used in new JVC receivers? Could someone inform, please?:cool:

Eva 28th March 2005 03:53 PM

Here in Europe I've never seen Motorola/OnSemi devices anywhere but in PA equipment

Gasho 28th March 2005 05:50 PM

This is the scheme of my Classe DR8 (DR9).
This amp have very transparent , smooth , and powerfull sound.
It uses custom Motorola MJ15003/15004 transistors, 8 for output and 2 for driver stage.

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