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ash_dac 26th March 2005 09:14 AM

NAD 3130 amp popping speakers

I bought a NAD3130 amp for very cheap after college.

Problem is it pops the speakers when i turn the amp on. The popping occurs on both A, and B in right and left channels.

Also i compared the bass to my brothers JVC hifi and mine seems rather lacking.

Has anyone come across this popping ?



anatech 26th March 2005 03:09 PM

Hi ash_dac,
Your NAD does not use a speaker relay. Check the DC offset, I think it is adjustable. The muting circuit could be injecting a "pop" as well.
Generally, not a nice design. When you can afford it you can do much better.

Giaime 26th March 2005 04:03 PM

Hi Chris! How does the 3130 compare with my 3020 from the '70s?

ash_dac 26th March 2005 04:09 PM


So it's caused by a design flaw (lack of relays) interesting

What do you recommend as a replacement amp?

(This problem is holding me back buying decent speakers)



anatech 26th March 2005 04:14 PM

Hi Giaime,
I find that all NAD are below the prevailing standard of circuit design at the time of manufacture. Generally, all techs seem to get stuck on these as they are sensitive about things like transistor gain. Even with proper replacement parts. As such, I would avoid them where possible. Since yours works - great. Use it.

I know you can build a better amp. Better sounding too.:D


anatech 26th March 2005 04:50 PM

Hi Ashley,
There are many good products out there. Find a well made one and make sure service is available in your area. Features and power are some of the things that will define what is right for you.

It never pays to buy an inexpensive amplifier for your primary listening system.


ash_dac 26th March 2005 04:59 PM

Hi Chris,

Cheers for the advice

I've come to the opinion that diy audio is probable the best value for money option, and I get to learn in the process.

I will have to start researching.



ChocoHolic 26th March 2005 09:36 PM

Hi Ashley,
if you are going to build your first diy amp, then this will
probably not be the best value for money option. :att'n:
But it will be the best passion for money option. :spin:

Nevertheless, I think DIY is a good idea.
No matter how often you will :headbash: :headbash: .
You will have the second 'perfect' amp in mind short after
your first proto is showing basic operation.....

Hm, I love your direct opinion about NAD.
Even if I own two NAD components. I bought them
via eBay, because I needed fast replacement and had no time
to listen in the audio stores....
Well, the CD/MP3/DVD changer is sounding OK, but is
slow. To slow. Much to slow.....
The Receiver sounded poor in the beginning.
My ears were crying: "cross over distorsion... cross over di...."
So I opened that thing (no time to send back and struggle and wait again...) and ..... Really! They had adjusted the idle current of the output stage to .... close to zero.....
Now I am running it around 170mA idle current and it is sounding
alright. I have no idea why they had adjusted it only at 15mA.
The thermal compensation is perfect, the idle current does not change, even when you warm up the heat sink with a hair driyer up
to 100C.... stable, thermally perfectly stable. Really nice design in this regard! But the adjustment....? Why the hell do adjust it
to 15mA? The heat sink is large enough to allow at least 50mA without any headaches...
And with 50mA it was already sounding like an average amp.
I did not expect much improvement by further increasing of the
idle current. But there was again a respectable benefit.
My adjustment of 170mA is the upper limit with respect to
60C at the heat sink already without music load. For home music
applications that's OK....

anatech 26th March 2005 11:28 PM

Hi ChocoHolic,
I thought I was a little too direct in that I may have offended some people who own them. Glad you weren't.

Now you have been on this forum longer than I have. I am a llittle surprised you haven't built an amplifier. You've no shortage of opinions here either. I write this as I listen to a prototype modified diamond buffer amplifier. Is the bug there? Just curious. :mischiev:


Giaime 27th March 2005 07:19 AM


Originally posted by anatech
I thought I was a little too direct in that I may have offended some people who own them. Glad you weren't.

Oh, neither I am offended... just thinking that will be (after some restoration) my main amp and only one... Maybe I will consider something else... Or if my tube amp works I'll be happy!

Btw on the net I only read good things about the 3020...

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