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Giaime 18th March 2005 02:55 PM

Just got new junk from my friend
Hello there! My passion for old audio equipment has lead a friend of mine to finish off his junkjard... here's what he gave me today:

Emerson EA-2400H - A little integrated ss amp from the early (?) seventies. It looks like it has seen better times, and also the build level doesn't seem extremely good. With a quick look inside I found some resistors burned in the power amp board, along with some driver transistor substitution (the left ones appear original, BD138/139, but the right ones appear new, still the same type). The output ones are probably new, they're BD711. They are all four equal, so I'm suspecting a quasi-complementary output stage. It does miss the power cord.

R.C.F. AM5040 P.A. Amplifier - This is a mono ss pa amp from '79 I think. It appears well built, with original TIP35 output tr and a replacement TIP36. It has 2 big transformers inside it: the other one I think is an audio output tranny (yes, output) because the amp has many impedance taps, from 4 ohm to 250 ohm. It has a strange little switch inside it saying on one side "p.a." and on the other "h.f.". Don't know what it means, but it was set on "h.f." mode.

Philips FD RB 534 - I think that this little thing is a cable broadcast module, I don't know the proper english word, in italian is filodiffusione. It is little and with a beautiful wood chassis over the plastic bottom. It has a VU meter on the faceplate, an on-off button, and other 7 buttons: they go from 1 to 6, and the last one has an "infinite" simbol over it. It has a DIN input and a strange two-wire plug, reminding of old european mains plugs.

Technics Stereo Cassette Deck 615 - Beautiful old time cassette deck, with one cassette module, dating '77. It is almost mint, very clean inside for it's age. It has a strange reading mechanic: it is not vertical or orizontal, it is angled by 45 degrees. Also with VU meters and self-opening cassette van :D
This one has the same case styiling of my Technics SL1200 record player, and I don't have a cassette deck in my system. I am intentioned to keep this in my hi-fi.

I didn't test these units. Any thougts about them? If you have experience with them let me know...

(btw this is not a "for sale" thread, I only want your opinion on them).

Keep posting!

Carondimonio 18th March 2005 03:00 PM

Ciao Giaime!

I remember the good ol' Technics 615, it was my first tape deck!
It was a simple but sturdy thing, it has done a real good job for many years and, when I finally gave it away for a Naka ZX-7, it was still working like a charm!



Giaime 18th March 2005 05:03 PM

Yeah! In fact it seems sturdy... and it is quite mint for it's age. I was planning on replace the filter caps with new hi-grade types, and put blue tac nearly everywhere... any suggestion on reducing motor noise (either sound and electrical/EMF/RF/something) like caps in series... I'm not an expert in tape decks, what are the mods I should do to bring it in a audiophile-grade status?

And other thoughts about the rest?

anatech 18th March 2005 06:35 PM

Hi Giaime,
Neat pile 'o stuff. You can sharpen your troubleshooting skills, just for fun.

The cassette deck has a weak spot called rubber. Another called felt clutches (can be repaired) and another called a capstan bearing. If the motor is noisy, the brushes and / or bearings may be shot. Replace the motor. The capstan bearing is generally not repairable. When worn it will draw the tape in towards the mechanism. If the highs come in, go out and come back in when you play a cassette, the capstan bearing is shot (or well down the road). Soon the edge of the tape will get damaged against the head guide.

Blue tack is absolutely no help in a cassette machine. It may make you feel better and that's about it.


Giaime 19th March 2005 12:04 PM

Thanks Chris! I'm glad I found you here... :D

I haven't powered it up, yet, as I plan on a complete cleanup when I've got time. My friend says that it has never (or almost) been used, so the capstan should be good. With rubber, you mean the rubber chain that transfers the rotation from the motor to the cassette? It worns out with age? Do I have to change it (maybe I can salvage something out an old VCR...)

anatech 19th March 2005 02:12 PM

Hi Giaime,
The rubber meaning the capstan belt, idler wheel(s) and pinch roller. If the belt tension is good just give it a light wipe with methol hydrate.

The capstan shaft and bearing can be checked by rocking it gently back and forth 90 from the pinch roller contact direction and then from the direction of pinch roller contact. You need to do this without the rear flywheel support in place.

Clean with methol hydrate and relubricate with a light single weight oil with no additives. Not too much! Clean the end of the capstan shaft after it's reinstalled. Clean the heads with methol while you are at it.


Giaime 19th March 2005 05:45 PM

Thanks! I'm not sure if I understand well, because technical english is complicated, but tape-deck terms are mystery for me! I will document myself...

shusha 19th March 2005 05:51 PM

Re: Just got new junk from my friend

Originally posted by Giaime
Technics Stereo Cassette Deck 615 - Beautiful old time cassette
I've had this nice device and will never forgive myself the fact I sold it.


Giaime 20th March 2005 10:26 AM

Hello! I've tried that Technics 615 Cassette Deck, it does work, but when compared even to my cheap JVC mini hi-fi tape deck, it falls short (with the same cassette, an Alan Parson's Project album). It does have a muffled, boomy and distorted sound. What's causing this? I've cleaned the heads with normal alcool, not sure about how recondition them... Maybe I have to replace them, but I'm not sure what's the problem. I've also tried without dolby NR, and it does give a more open sound, but it lacks everything that's over 1kHz.

shusha 20th March 2005 11:40 AM

You can play a little with azimuth and try to demagnetize the head. Other than that you can replace the head. It shouldn't be expensive.

Playing the tape with DolbyNR on makes sense only if the tape is recorder with Dolby. I don't recall if this deck has both Dolby B and C, but think not.

Speaking of decks I have RSB-465 and few hunderd tapes and haven't listened a single one for last few years. It is one of those dust collectors I am collecting. :) Together with MiniDisc.

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