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didifeed 28th February 2005 11:32 AM

M250 or AV400, lower power?
hi there!

i'm going to build a bass cabinet with an eminence delta 12lf driver and would need an amplifier for this thing

i know that the driver is rated 500W rms. but in box tuned to 40hz it will only resist about 120 watts.

to this end i'm searching for a suitable amp to drive this thing.

i already have read lots of threads but didn't really get a sollution.

at the moment i'm considering to build the M250 or the AV400 as a mono setup.

what's the power rating for a "half" M250? as far as i understand depends the rating of 250 watts to both channels?!?! if not it would be better i think could i run it with a 30V transformer then to get a lower output?

the AV400 would be an alternative. but since i can only get a 30V or 55V transformer it will not put out enough power on 30V i think. and 55V would be too much?

perhaps there are other recommendations for me.

another alternative would be p101 from esp. but since there are no values in the schematic it's hard for me to build.

hope somebody can help because i'm really at a loss about this..

thx a lot

hienrich 28th February 2005 12:03 PM


for safer operation M250 is appropraite


didifeed 28th February 2005 12:15 PM

m250 was my favourite ... but i'm still not sure about the power ratings. i would need at least 120w@8ohm

and i will have to drive it with a 30V transformer

i will also need a preamp(???) and a crossover. i hope that these will be the less difficult things in the setup. perhaps someone could help ...

unfortunately i'm new to diyamps. i already built midi controllers but amps and xovers are completely new to me ;)

edl 28th February 2005 01:28 PM

with a 60V-CT (so 2*30V) tranny you will get 60W-sinus power on a 8ohm speaker.
let's build four amp, each to 4ohm, bridge them, and then you will get a 2*230W-sinus/8ohm amplifier.

hienrich 28th February 2005 01:31 PM

do you mean 30-0-30 ac ?

if rectified this will come out 40-0-40 dc approximately

and maybe this can produce around 80watt rms into 8ohm load I'm not sure with my math, but if you really want a
120 watt rms into an 8ohm load you
will need a 40-0-40 ac , which when rectified it will be around
55-0-55 dc, I guess and M250 is capable of handling this one.



didifeed 28th February 2005 02:01 PM

hm...i don't think bridging a good solution for bass cabinets? or i'm wrong? at all this would mean more effort when building up

i just mentioned the 30-0-30 transformer because normally the m250 is driven by 38-0-38. but when the power rating of 250 watts is for both channels this option is no more interresting.

are there other nice designs to consider?

what about the lynx amp?

when searching around for crossovers i'm getting more and more confused about them. eg. is a linkwitz transform really necessary to get the sub doing it's job well? or will a 3rd order lowpass be enough?

another stupid question: what is the coil good for at the speakers output of the m250?

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