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destroyer X 6th December 2004 11:17 AM

What about Plinius audio, from New Zeland, are those amps good?
If you have some link, informations, pictures or oppinions, i will be happy to now.

Also some feedback about the Australian Metaxas.



destroyer X 6th December 2004 11:33 AM

In my point of view, Plinius is more than enougth to cook some eggs over it, and...
Metaxas seems to be so good to be true!

This way, i will be happy to hear your oppinions.... i never heard them, so.... all i know are the factory informations, the Marketing info....and i found that adress when visiting all forum fifth time.



Upupa Epops 6th December 2004 12:34 PM

Plinius's have quasicomlementary connection ( as I know :cool: ), so you will like it ;) .

destroyer X 6th December 2004 01:46 PM

ahahaha!.. i am imagining your thinking, the complementary are nice and..
a terrible intelligent man....and i can capture your mood and spirit!

I have to say, i like your half ironic and half sarcastic mood...i like that!.... and the intelligent way you send under text messages.

You will like that Carlos... "as you like those "things!" " are rigth!

I am frustrated...the price of the FET.... and i was decided to try something using FETs....but i will find cheaper prices.... it is a matter of time.

Now i will construct Gutersloh, MikeB circuit.... it is very pretty, i will be happy to hear my Good Luck amplifier.

He did not say his amplifier is superb, not incredible, not the best ever made, not astonishingly, sensational or state of the art...hehe...may be very good even without those words.

I respect Hugh Dean!...yesterday i heard some more modern music from Dire Straits.... i suppose already recorded with digital God!... the sound my amplifiers reproduced made me impressed... will put more "gaz" in mine AKSAs... will make a "turbo" version.

He is not telling me secrets, as i asked him to keep me out of those secrets, as my local friends make a lot of pression on me to tell them those things...better not to know secrets from anyone!

But something is going out from Australia.... a revolutionary amplifier is beeing done.... as i could discover, there are 3 more persons in the development arena with Hugh.

Of course will be happy to assemble something from you...but FETS are hard to find....and hard to buy... i am unemployed, and too much prepared to be accepted in Broadcasting Television Market here.... the ones in the hi level staff will be afraid of big Charlie, as i know a little bit more than they know about the whole chance to me anymore.... living with some appartments rental income and my wife is rich, and pretty, and loves me deeply.... let's go living happy!.

Underprepared or overprepared is the same damn thing.... both will be out!

If you say, do this way that is better, once, twice...but when you do a lot of times...the one start to be nervous with you!... and you start to be some amenace...some danger!

I tried to make myself stupid.... did not works.... people turn afraid thinking about the "reasons" i was trying to be so stupid!

Thank you Epupa.


Upupa Epops 6th December 2004 05:19 PM

What Mosfet are you searching, Carlos ? Up to 100 W / 4 Ohm you need only one pair of IRF 540 / 9540, which cost cca 0.8 Euro each ( in our country and I think, that in Brazil it will be the same ). It is price of only one hamburger , so hold " slim line " :D . If you can, I will send you schematic of such amp ( any prehistory ;) ).

destroyer X 6th December 2004 10:17 PM

Here , i found the cost of 6 dollares each one..this is
lunch for three in the MacDonalds.... and buying a pair...lunch for 6 in MacDonalds...hehe.... expensive...the same as 3 X MJ15004.

I will find better price.... as my country "Shopping prices" are different from other countries.

2000 US monthly income here, only 10 percent population are reaching.
I am living as a king with less than 1500 dollares income.. University cost is around 100 maid is well paid, she has 3 times the average, 300 dolares...our values are different.

6 dolares for one single transistor.... only if made of Gold!, as i can buy a lot of things with 6 dollares....meat for a barbecue for 10 guys!!!



dvdwmth 6th December 2004 10:40 PM

Hey Carlos,

Your posts just aren't the same without your smiling face in your avatar :D

chris ma 6th December 2004 11:02 PM

Plinius SA-100
I did have a chance to listen to Plinius SA-100 for about an hour or so. But I prefer all versions of JLH that I listened to before. Certainly personal objective opinion giving you I am.

The Butcher :D

destroyer X 7th December 2004 12:00 AM

Dvdwmtr and Chris ma, thank you.
The very smilling face, with my daugther was lost when my HD burns.

This picture really has my better smile, as my small daugther was taking her first picture in life....with 7 years old, last mars, 8.

The smile is the empathy, acceptance, love and tender feelings...i was proud of her.... love result was fixed in the picture.

We do not use shirts at home here, only when some visit arrives...because weather is hot...30 degrees centigrades when we have the windows closed because the wind speed noise. i was over the carpet reading, this way shouders appearing.

Chris Ma, you are a very respectable constructor, very nice work with MDF i saw, made from you... MDF is difficult to maintain with pretty appearance, as is sucks all the watter is suspended in the air....i suppose you use some varnish to protect.

Chris, if you say that..... this matter is finished for me... as i do not discuss your know how.... i read the entire forum many times, now at fifth time...i know your capacity very well.

Worst than JLH is enougth for me.

Thank you two.



tiefbassuebertr 21st September 2011 12:06 PM

by post 12 about
I have post some informations

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