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renjiish 20th November 2004 09:48 AM

power follower 99 help
i completed my power follower99 ,bride of zen preamp and death of zen preamp.first i connected the follower with BOZ.but i was not happy with the sound quality produced by the BOZ.then i connected with DOZ pre.this one also not produced the original quality.
now i am using without preamp.the sound quality is excellent.
can anybody help me to find a good quality preamp circuit which can give almost the same quality oforiginal

PMA 20th November 2004 11:22 AM

Try Audio Buffer.

renjiish 20th November 2004 05:16 PM
what about this circuit.whether it can drive the power follower to its full output.does anybody made this

zcolic2 20th November 2004 09:30 PM

Dear Renjiish, this is not a direct reply to your question, only some more experiences with this follower.
I had similar experiences with Ciuffoli's hot follower. I find this follower to be a excellent performer when it is connected directly to a source, without an preamplifier, of course with power limitation, on modest volume levels that can be reached in that way. Very promising, indeed. I intended to use hot follower as an output stage in a hybrid amplifier, in which the tube-based stage would provide a voltage gain* (with adequate low output impedance), and Ciuffoli's follower as a current amplifier.
A 6SN7 mu-follower as a voltage gain stage (+335V, 7mA bias, around 1kOhm output impedance, hardly enough low) didn't yield expected (or satisfacory, at least) performance. Some different valve topologies suggested that there's something (?) more than output impedance concerns (and current demands) that have to be satisfied in order to make hot follower work propery.

*That approach is nothing new, but was inspired by an article in AudioXpress (Ferretti's modular hybrid amp). The goal of that design was to make an amplifier that would have all good caracteristics (or signature) of valve amplifiers, but with power and control that can be obtained with good solid state designs. That goal was not fully achived, at the end. Voltage amplifier in that design was formed with a SRPP input circut, followed by a cathode follower (SS active loaded), capacitor coupled with a simple B-class mosfet based follower. No negative global feedback.


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