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destroyer X 20th November 2004 08:58 AM

Amplifier do not need to have 0.001% distortion, speaker cannot reproduce quality
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As i gonne to Speaker, Loudspeaker forum, and openned a thread saying that:

"Speaker do not works"

And this solid state forum was softly mentioned their.

I am informing you all, because that problem belongs to all of us.

Here is the text published in six parts:

destroyer X 20th November 2004 08:59 AM

The "air pumpers" guys where pushed hard, to see if someone appear with some idea.
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Second part:

destroyer X 20th November 2004 09:03 AM

My English is terrible, the subject is terrible too, so.... be tollerant
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As you are very tollerant with speakers too.

Me Human...remember...Mankind.....speaker is a thing!



destroyer X 20th November 2004 09:05 AM

Fourth text part...sorry if some mistake happens
Sorry, there and their.... i pronouce the same.... sometimes i write the same too...sorry.

Also if i repeat some text part.

Short time memory is disappearing in my life... do not remember the last text part i published.

But do not worry, you usually make worst mistakes....hear speakers as i do too...this is a terrible thing!



destroyer X 20th November 2004 09:06 AM

Fourth...yes, fourth part...will put it here:
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Here is:

destroyer X 20th November 2004 09:12 AM

fifth part, and some comments too.
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Of course ESL is very good...but enormous.... good to separate room some small wall...a "bi˘mbo" in my language...pretty when painted with chinese things on it...chinese is beatifull too.

And some Headphones, having not massive diafragms works better than speakers, also have not ressonances, no absortions and no reflections too.

Put the old speaker....the same last century damn machine....the air pump!....distorter machine....must be used to magnetize screw drivers only.

I am calling the "brains" to think of concentrate some time on that subject...because are loosing your time with 0.001 percent speakers are destroying all that quality.



destroyer X 20th November 2004 09:17 AM

I have no intention to be precise, and have no knowledge to go into precision, but..
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Beeing not deef, i can hear problems.... and some magazines and good text books already advise us about that problem.

Suonno, Italian Top Hi Fidelity Magazine (world best in the eighties) published a hi speed movie of many speaker making their job (dirty job)..... you will be impressed with the things happened with those Ceramic, Titanium, Carbon Fiber, PVC, Paper diafragm and other materials....what happened with speaker coils.

The theather i create, is simple way to show that cannot follow the complicate wave is impossible to 3 drivers....maybe with 20 special drivers, in special enclosures, with special amplifiers...better to create some new air pump.

I am doing mine..... will publish till next year July.

Is it good....NO! it is not good.



Arnold_R 20th November 2004 10:08 AM

worries about 0.000001%

most of the audio freaks i know seem only to be busy working on those small differences while there is really a lot to do with the speakers.

Where real differences are really possible

hope to see more

destroyer X 20th November 2004 10:51 AM

Thank you by the support Kolhol
People go doing and doing.... as speaker not their problem.

But those "things" will destroy all their names.

When a very good amplifier start to move those things, all his work will go to the trash box.



MikeB 20th November 2004 12:02 PM

Hi carlos !

If you look at my post:

You see attached a thd-measuring of my speakers. At 2.5khz is
crossover for tweeter, and beginning at this freq the 3rd harmonics
drops below 0.1%. (It stops at 8khz, because of measuring)

There are even better tweeters, and i don't know how much
distortion has been added by microphone and amp.
The woofers in these boxes are not exactly highend, but do their job.

So, obviously it does make sense to keep an amp far below 0.1%.
And as it matters how an amp distorts, it's not a bad idea to keep
the amp below 0.01%.
Don't forget, all distortions created by a speaker are mechanical,
means they are natural, like sound created by an instrument.
Distortions created by electronics can be very unnatural, hurting your ear...
So you have 2 possibilities, you make your amp creating natural
distortions, or distortions too low to hear.

I think, making an amp with thd of 0.00001% is nonsense, but
as this number is for playing a simple sinewave it does tell you
nothing about the real distortionlevel of an amp.
An amp can be very low distortive with a sinewave, but distort
like hell with complex signals like music.


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