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destroyer X 13th November 2004 11:46 PM

DIY - Produce 10 Watts in 10 minutes
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If you know how to assemble the spider way, or using squared boards, try this one.

Every 20 or 30 Watts, complementary transistor will work very well in the output.

Do not reduce the output Condenser, to have 5 hertz reproduction without too much loss you must use big value.

The Amplifier input will be a "bad load" to your signal source, but it will work fine.

Use half voltage of some simetrical supply you have.... adjust the output center voltage changing the 10K resistor.

Fast will be ready, prepare the camera to take a picture of your face when start to hear that "thing", i am sure you will smile.

If you want, simulate this amplifier, here in my home, the results were interesting.

You have been doing nothing related circuits, try this one and tell me if you like that "thing".

Carefull if you decided to use 4 ohms.... transistor must be more than 40 watts units.... and the lowest frequency reproduced will be worst.

This is only a "toy", i am not responsable with deceptions you can have with that "thing"...or, even, deceptions related your main amplifier when compared with that "thing"

Related distortions, yeahh, distortions, rigth, well,.... there are some, of course.



EWorkshop1708 14th November 2004 02:39 AM

Nice little circuit, and it's very easy. :thumbsup:

My first experimental amp circuits were single ended.

I've found however, that the offset is bad on those, especially if the supply voltage varies like on battery powered stuff.

I've found out that using a simple amp circuit like your schematic, but with a simple diff input that is controlling the driver transistor makes DC offset a bit easier.

It would require 5 transistors, instead of only 3, but would be easier to keep the output at 1/2 the supply voltage without having to guess resistors.

destroyer X 14th November 2004 09:20 AM

EWorksho1708, hey man!, please, share with us, simple and fast happy machines!
Put some scratch, or scan it to us, if not pretty, send it directly to me some hand scratch.

I love those simple things, because those "Audio Oscilators" are very interesting, beeing simple, produces a very good sound...hehe....very small sound too....hehe.

Yes, Audio Amplifiers can be called Audio Oscilators because it "oscilates" following the input signal, Input tracked low frequency oscilators is a good name too.... very sophisticated, isnt' it?

This circuit shown, i made it on simulator, and was used in the sixties, when the Cassette Tape Recorders appeared...all them with 300 to 600mw output, and some with good sound quality, as some Phillips/Norelco and some others.

People used to construct some small acoustic suspension, or bass reflex enclosures, using special drivers very soft to move....never found those units anymore.... a breath could move the diafragm.

That easy movement was very nice to bass reproduction, and a couple of watts made a good impact those times (when using your cassette player with batteries, as the supply always passed some hum to the audio).

So, people made those amplifiers, two staged, and many thopologies were used.... always with electrolitic condenser output....those times....1000uF was the "Standard" value used.

More than an amplifier, those "things" are my "time machine", sending me back to sixties.

Hey man!...share those things with DX please.



Upupa Epops 14th November 2004 09:30 AM

Carlos, are you mad ? :D Tell us rather something about bikinas ;) .

destroyer X 14th November 2004 09:59 AM

Yes, i am mad...for girls.... with Bikinis...cannot put here...moderators melt ...
they turn shocked and melt alike Ice Cream under the hot sun ligth.

Do not tell the people.....schhhhhh!...our secret:

"I imagine, they believe that babies are ordered by mail!"

Schhhhh!..... carefull....they watching us!



destroyer X 14th November 2004 10:14 AM

We have Wiborowa Vodka here...see the picture Epupa
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That one i made now.....exatly now..... let's go to the beach.

A hell with transistors for a while.



destroyer X 14th November 2004 10:27 AM

See the transistors dead in battle, buried ate Darlington Cemitery
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You can see the transistor dead in battle, burned figthing against terrible electrons.

Also other option, not transistorized, but people say that works very well too.



Upupa Epops 14th November 2004 10:28 AM

Five girls for one man ? Ohhh... - but they watching some Bill Gates, not poore man from comunist country :D , isn't thruth ?

Upupa Epops 14th November 2004 10:30 AM

Nice cemetery :D !

destroyer X 14th November 2004 10:31 AM

Epupa, you could see the Cemitery of transistors....i am terrible sad!
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Could not married this daugther....Oh! Oh! Oh! unhappy i am with a of her friends going to beach..... they are always here...oh! oh!.... very, very, sad.

Have to use oil againt sun burns..... always asking me to use the oil ..... hard work...Oh! Oh! Oh!

This is my daugther...poor girl...OH!..OH! ugly she is...Oh!



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