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Xicarius 10th November 2004 06:25 AM

The great stereo replacement project is starting......the end of Sony! (well of mine anyway)

Time, money and skill mean I can't go direcrtly to my desired end product (tri amping....) but I'm trying to work out the steps. So far, I'm going to build a 50w per channel kit amp (ESP or Jaycar), hook it up with a preamp of some sort (decision needed here) and then build a sub amp.

My problem is, I need a preamp that will give me a stereo out AND a sub out, unless I run the sub from the high level speaker leads...which I'd prefer not to do. Also, I don't know how to build that....

I have however been offerred a Rotel RSP960AX, which I can use as a 2 channel plus sub out preamp for about $200....thoughts? Good price?

Cobra2 10th November 2004 07:25 AM

If it is Australian $ will be ok for the price.
But it is not easy/cheap to upgrade, LOTS of op-amps & caps...

Arne K

Xicarius 10th November 2004 07:59 AM

Re: Rotel

Originally posted by Cobra2
If it is Australian $ will be ok for the price.
But it is not easy/cheap to upgrade, LOTS of op-amps & caps...

Arne K

It is $AU....I'm not planning on directly upgrading it, rather replacing it later. Not such a great price? How hard wouls building a preamp with sub out be?

rabbitz 10th November 2004 12:33 PM

For a start go for one of the ESP amps such as the P3A and forget about the Jaycar kits. The P3A is easy to build and components aren't too expensive. I do suggest you buy the PCB from Rod as it saves a lot of effort and makes assembly a breeze.

The Rotel pre-amp sounds fairly priced and I'd go for it and they have always made decent pre-amps. If you want to build one later you can sell the Rotel on eBay and get most of your money back so you are not going to lose. Besides it will save you a lot of work in building a pre-amp which would cost more.

Instead of building a sub amp have a look at the plate amps available as they are reasonably priced and I don't think there is much saving building one yourself. That said, I have built one but just for the fun and experience.


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