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Zero Cool 19th October 2004 05:50 PM

Eye of the Beholder!
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Beauty is a strange thing. It can be found everywhere.

It can be found in art, animals, women, Cars, buildings, landscapes and more.

But to me, its these!

The heart of my future amplifier project! a pair of 2Kva 37lb Toriod transformers! OHHHHH!!!! DROOOOL!!!

Zero :cool:

Jan Dupont 19th October 2004 05:59 PM

Big toroids are always a beautiful sight ;)

cunningham 20th October 2004 12:51 AM


Dim the lights please!

thomas997 20th October 2004 12:54 AM

I thought it was normal size, until I saw the blue pen sitting on it!


Always good to put something that will give a reference to size in the picture.

Mattyo5 20th October 2004 01:07 AM

yes, beauty, but 2 questions.... where'd ya get em?


since IEC connectors only go up to 15 amps... as do most wall sockets.. uh . uh.... need I say more? not that i don't like gigantic toroidals hardwired into 20a circuit breakers :)

-Matthew K. Olson

Magura 20th October 2004 01:13 AM

Big is beautiful....well in some places ;)
How about a pair of 5lb PP film caps to go with the torroids??

:bigeyes: :bigeyes: :bigeyes:


cunningham 20th October 2004 01:15 AM

2000VA /120V = 16.7A

20A breakers trip at around 18A, so this should work. Having said that, the large surge current will have to be dealt with upon power up though.

A 240V toroid would be easier on the current, but may be inconvienient

Eva 20th October 2004 02:31 AM

This may be only a question of personal taste. I see 50Hz toroids as a ugly and noisy thing with ugly and noisy performance

I hate to see my computer and my oscilloscope rebooting from time to time when I plug one of these transformers due to huge startup saturation currents that throw my mains line down and require 20A fuses [for succesful startup] that never blow in case of malfuctioning, allowing lots of smoke to escape from transistors and voice coils :D

Also I hate hearing the audible noise these primitive artifacts produce due saturation when there are a few mV of mains offset and how the noise changes as people on the neighbourhood turn appliances on and off. Music is not supposed to come from transformers but from loudspeakers, isn't it? :D

And finally, extremely oversized transformers showing 1% regulation are worthless since most mains lines show 10% to 20% regulation for that rectified power consumption :whazzat:

But, altough it's a pain, I have to suffer big 50Hz toroid transformers for mains isolation in SMPS testing purposes :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:

destroyer X 20th October 2004 03:18 AM

Of course Eva cannot see beauty in those things, she is a girl
The image is one archetip... some universal understandable image to man.

Happy to see womans here... all the guys can see, only feel womans will perceive.

Life is beautifull, toroids too.


Zero Cool 20th October 2004 05:53 AM

I found these on Ebay Brand New believe it or not (got to love Ebay!).

There high grade medical isolation transformers! they have quad Primaries and dual secondaries. they are rated for 240VAC In and dual 120 secondary outputs at 1KVA each.

My plan is to run them with 120 vac and the secondaries wired for +/- 60VAC

But there are other primary tap voltages as well that will allow me to experiment with some regulator schemes. I want to experiment with a PCR type regulator etc.

Someone said if i run these at half voltage, i will lose half the power rating as well? is that correct? that if i use the 240V Primary on 120V these will be derated to 1KVA???
these are so big that i wouldnt think so but??? and with them being medical grade, im sure the self regulation is pretty good.

Eva, I am in the US, so we have 60Hz here. not much better then 50Hz, but some. and i understand the power line will sag a lot more then the self regulation!!! I wanted big Transformers to keep the impedance as low as possible. Im sure these babies wont even flinch with a 200wpc amp!

My Audio room is already wired with dual 30 amp outlets for big power amps!!! so im not too worried about the line sagging. im sure it will to some degree but not as bad as these were running on a 15 amp line!

I will be using a phase controlled very soft start circuit to slowly power these up over a period of about .5-1 seconds. There are some Solid State Relays with a soft start function in them that you can vary the start up length. I plan on running a pretty big bank of caps (when and IF i can find them) so i want a nice slow power up. Plus i plan on building a stand by function into the amps, so the power supplies can always stay powered up.

I bought these because, well, they were there, and because for the price, About $70.00 USD each, the deal was just too good to pass up!!

I have always wanted to build a pair of big, monsterous, light dimming, power sucking power amps! and now i will get my chance hahahahahha

"Overkill, It's a way of Life!"

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