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Francisco 6th October 2004 02:34 PM

Power amp marantz PM-80SE no output

Is any one out there from diy can help me. I m struggling with my marantz PM80se
No output amps in protect mode.
In pre-amp module STK-3102-IV, output relay control TA7317P, output driven by C3182N and A1265N.
Let me explain what step I have taken.
I checked all supply voltages and transistors seem look like every thing is o.k.
Replaced TA7317P, since STK-3102-IV is obsolete and not available
Replaced with STK-3102-III I want to make it 100%sure this IC will work or not?
Tried some substitute in local market STK350-030, 3122,3152 they are too not available. Is there any modification? How can I resolve my amp problem?


Netlist 6th October 2004 03:31 PM

Near the relay you will find a few 1W resistors. Check them.
Here's a datasheet for the 3102.
Look with a scope if the output transistors are driven, pin 5/6 and 10/11 of the 3102.
If the 3102 is broken, you might have a problem...

Good luck

/Hugo :)

djmiddelkoop 6th October 2004 07:44 PM


I have repaired several PM80.
Some months ago a replaced a STK-3102-IV which I ordered somewhere on the Internet, don't know where anymore.
Try a Google search, thats what i did.

Usually the STK is bad, replacement with a III also works, tried it once.

What kills them here is the dissipation due to increased supply voltages, which happens cause the line voltage here is slowly increasing.

So make shure the supply voltages are ok, otherwise use an other tab of the transformer primary or increase the resistors in value that go to the supply pins of the STK.


jitter 9th October 2004 11:44 AM

Francisco, if you perform a search on the topic "PM80SE" you will find my posts regarding the repair of my PM80SE. It didn't have the same symptoms you described, but in the posts you will find a source where I got a brand new STK3102-IV from.

hdlbq 12th November 2004 04:48 PM

problem with a Marantz PM-80

I have some output problem (no output, since no "click" after warm-up) on a PM-80 Marantz.

After carefull look, I have found two relays driving the power to speakers, and a very hot and burned resitor near one of them. I have unsoldered it.

Many strange things: the color circles say: 119 ohms, but the measure reports 289 ohms. And the voltage measured at its ends is about 40 volts (too much, even for a 1W model) !!

Lastly, I can "force" the power to goes out by gently pushing the contacts of the relay, but i4m looking for a better way to re-use my amp.

thanks for any suggestion
Best regards

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