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Datoyminaytah 31st July 2004 11:56 PM

Is it worth trying to fix a car amp?
I just spent a buck and a quarter on a car amplifier that turns out to be non-functional. (It was a cheap gamble. :) ) I opened it up and found two blown transistors (case cracked,) and scorching on a nearby white blocklike component I don't recognize. (High-power resistors?) The positive power terminal assembly was a little melted, but I can fix that.

I can desolder/solder components. Hopefully I find out what the transistors are. I have a multimeter.

I'm not trained in electronics (just know basically how components work) so my worry is that even if I replace a few blown transistors that the problem may be elsewhere, and they'll blow again.

Any general tips on an endeavor like this? Toss it in the can, or replace the transistors and cross my fingers, or test this or that with a multimeter? It's a Lightning Audio B200.2.

Please don't say "Lightning Audio? Toss it!" because I have a limited budget and would only be replacing it with something else I could get cheaply. :)

tenderland 1st August 2004 01:18 AM

fix or replace
Check out the thread " replace xistor or trash can " in this forum
and as per NETLIST check out this thread ,very good


cunningham 5th August 2004 12:54 AM

First remove the power transistor, all of them. Not the mosfet's or rectifiers as they are the power supply devices. Measure the voltage that drives the outputs, should be a + & - output from the power supply section to verify that it works. Check all of the output transistors and the drivers and replace any burned resistors.

It sounds like someone shorted out the speaker wires and this amp is not fuse protected. I repaired a Fosgate amp once and every output transistor had it's own fuse. I guess that is why they costs more.

Good luck:D

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