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Stefano 29th June 2004 03:18 PM

What's your first diy work?
I'm ending to build balanced zen line stage, my first project at all, never used a solder before, but in 2 days i've build it, for the line board i've used the original from Nelson Pass;) and for the regulated psu i've tried point-to-point wiring... ufff! But it was well done (by a multimeter point of view)

eLarson 29th June 2004 05:46 PM

Not including a little sound effects maker that I put together as a wee sprout, it would be Nelson's Bride-of-Zen. I used it for a long while before recently converting it to a Bride of Son of Zen.

PMA 29th June 2004 07:20 PM

Well - my was some 37 years ago. The coil, diode, capacitor and headphones together with antenna and ground created AM receiver - that's how I became electronic designer ;)

Bricolo 29th June 2004 07:25 PM

Well, if it must be audio related:

-a small FM emitter, from elektor, maybe 8 years ago. Never worked well (poor electret mic, and the tuning wasn't stable at all: moving your hand 10cm over the board would untune it)
-a szekeres headphone amp, 18 months ago (when I first came here)

Pjotr 29th June 2004 07:33 PM


Well my first work was actually a 2 transistor FM “spy” transmitter. Was great fun at birthday parties of my parents :D

My first serious amp was a copy of a Quad 303 and then a 1969 JLH 15W amp which is still at my fathers workshop (he refuses to give it back :bawling: )

Cheers ;)

johnnyx 29th June 2004 07:55 PM

First audio project
My first audio project was a stereo amp for a record player. I used a matched pair of AD161/AD162 output transistors driven by a 741 op amp.

Those were the days:D

Stefano 29th June 2004 08:00 PM

At least this forum has flyed

Jean 29th June 2004 08:07 PM

AM radio with a coil, diode, headphones and long transformer wire with a small rock attached to the end over the tree ;) That was 9 years ago , miss those days :bawling:

azira 29th June 2004 09:20 PM

Back in highschool... studied about 5 different LM386 schematics and then put together one of my own that was a hybrid of all 5 to run off my car cigarette lighter with a CD player and some cheap speakers since the car only had an AM radio. Worked well enough, was pretty proud of myself until last year when I decided to look back into that project and found out that....
LM386's are single chip solutions... minimal external components required.

SuppersReady 29th June 2004 10:13 PM

It's almost audio related.... first project was a sound to light system, which as a teenager was an excellent way of getting invited to every party going. It worked just fine until a friend's dad decided he'd tidy up the wiring in the light boxes and shorted all the outputs. :hot: Oh well...

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