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destroyer X 14th June 2004 09:15 AM

Destroyer X will show his amplifier in 24 hours
And this one will be free for you copy, change, move, upgrade, evaluate good or not good evaluate.

The amplifier is modern, the double simetrical a lot of people likes, hi power, owner died, i will try to register because no son of the one design it, and no register too.

The factorie closed, this way, free to do what you want with it.

It has brigth in hi frequencies, very good voice, and some leak on deep bass.

But you may have a solution for this weekness with your experience.

Has not so good sound as Aksa 55, but has much more power, and, will be easy to accept because modern design.

64 people said me to no bother against some problems, and most of them like the way i do the things, moderators not against me, this way, i am returning, miss our forum, also some yesterday photographs from my beach, my daugher and myself without too much hair because cut it very low size.

My maid appear here with some small insects living in his head, and fast they fly to mine... this way i use some medicine and cut my hairs (will be good to see someone delirate i was in crazy people hospital...hahaha!.... it is very good to see how imagination is great!).

This amplifier i will try my city, my town market, not to sale forum people, do it by yourselves because this is the forum idea, the main idea if i can understand well.

For you, price is zero, i will show you where and how it is used here now a days.

The real schematic, only one man in all forum have, and not complete and evolute schematic, but it has a lot of things to be increase, those ones i really do not imagine where or how.

You can be helpfull changing parts and send all of us, open informations (diy idea, the basic, i suppose).

Not my business, i am a Broadcasting Television Professional, have work main television stations and also Japan Sony. Related that i am able to construct all building, make instalations, design, sound treatment, absortions and cancelations together, cables, wiring, connections, installation, operation and teach people how to use all system.... audio is hobby, since 1960 to now a days, and i have ear experience, not hardware experience, not theory too.

I will be happy to show the amplifier i will call mine, not now, in a matter of some time the register will be in my hands.

For a while, can run faster if you can, i do not mind about that, i lived from another source.

regards all,

Destroyer X

destroyer X 14th June 2004 12:48 PM

Mearured rigth now, 557 Watts RMS in 2 ohms
This power was in test rigth now, have to use 4 fans, 8 Transistors 2SC2922 and 8 transistors 2SA1216.

I will not measure because i cant (my god, crazy power!), but i supposed it will put 1089 Watts RMS on 1 ohm charge!!!

Sound is not so good as JLH first schematics, and i will only compare my equipments with already dead owners in this forum.

Going now to Engineering Office to prepare papers to enter registration Form with a name, that you will not know because will start again to confused me when i make some mention on this name, kidding or not.

Something alike Wonderman X.... if my wonder friend in forum do not mind about that!.... asking you all wonderer's

This amplifier will be shown tomorrow or in a matter of more than 12 ours, and board will delay a little because i will ask other people to make them to me.

Stable, not oscilates because i am using "Ground Plane" adjustable shield, and easy, not hard to find transistors, and not too strange design.... based in one already dead designer, not registered, back yard factory, completely modified, this way cannot be recognize by some visiting Spirit, and OPEN TO ALL, alike English man made with us in 1822 constructing Railways here... first a party with class and full of:

- I beg (bag, do not now, i speak portuguese) your pardon my lady...or milady...also do not know!

And after that, Ladies gonne and party for all started.... everybody with only undershirts... the enormous one used old days... because hot, and drums and triangle, and some kind of harmonica alike piano keys start a fast rithm, was for all, today corrupted name 'FORR”".... this dance the maid open just a little, in a very decent way, her legs, and man dance with one leg between their legs..... awfull!.... ow! what a shame!.... this way party closed, only brazilians and English males....not allowed to ladies there!.... this dance already alive, here, and Caribean seas.

This amplifier, without tricks and secrets, because i will not have my income from them, will be registered only to have the rigth to give, and show everyone without boering people came to me and said.

uou! uou!....hummm....cannot!!!

They are very fell (caretas), boering, disturbing, not so kind guys in our forum...but they have 10 times value, they are 100 times bad then the good ones can be.

Thanks those call me here, this way, i gift, special to them, and open to all forum, can copy, can put your name, can change, turn it up side down, and register if you can.... i do not mind, do not bother and be very happy, because i always dislike those things that are MINE, YOURS..... Just because, my dear friends, in a matter of 100 years, nobody will remember you, your pictures and mine pictures will be damaged, you will came with a CD and no players to reproduce it, and no computer CD rom.... will be memory blocks, adressed by optical fiber or magnetic field (RF) low powered digital devices..... your films DVDs no reproducers any more.... your name registered in earth mains computer.... a number my friend.

I you, as the man said, "you are sand i you will return to sand", your carbon, magnesium, calcium, potassium, kallum, argentum, water and all those things will be a part of other living creature.

This way, you have not, all you see is to use when you alive, you have no land, no money and no property....your house bellongs to your childrens. So, forget those things and do not sleep over your secrets because can scratch!

My destroyer amp, is not so good, listening with second best headphone from Phillips Holland, than JLH design.

Also loose in quality related the small Aiwa discman player going directly to the Phillips holland headphone.

The listening was done half power, and 1K2 resistors conected in series with the smoking charge... fan on it!

My ten Friends, now good friends again, local Brazilian guys, will met this amplifier next Saturday morning to compare with all amplifiers, from brand names, we have.

No more trouble in the world, be in peace, i loose a brother (the one older than i that hill himself, self murderer, suicide), but i do not loose my good boy qualities already.

You think i am crazy, so i will feed you with crazy expressions on my face in pictures.... have fun, and wait to laugh!

nice to be with you, my 70 declared friends, others not declared, and.... for the others.....hummmm, they will increase their arterial pressure, and damage their internal organs with fury, jellows and bad things...... and i will go smiling and delirating, wondering life is beatifull!

Special thanks SY and Planet 10 that run to me to help and ask what is going on... and dennie to erase my name... saying be good to see some of my posts.

Also the ones that support me, the Portuguese one that write long letter and made my gun disappear from my house.... and the others that touched perceiving i was very sick goes to my adress to say good words to me.

Those are written hear in paper in printed in my heart, the ones that have doubts about me, because no one can be sure of nothing, i understand their weeknesses, and are fogiven without ask this.

But Grim!!!!, today we are friends.


SY 14th June 2004 12:54 PM

557 watts!!! Holy mazolie. This tube guy can only shake his head in envy.

zinsula 14th June 2004 01:59 PM

Sorry of being off topic, but......
Carlos, nice to see your posts also in the future! I had often to smile about some funny things you wrote, and so I had to avoid reading that during boss otherwise would wonder what I have to laugh and would have given me some more challenging tasks..:D
Again, keep on writing the warmth you have in your posts:flame: ! So, even if it rains, a little sunshine for us.

All the best

Netlist 14th June 2004 02:58 PM

Glad to have you back. :)
Wonder how your beast will look like.


Raj1 14th June 2004 05:01 PM


Keep rollin'


destroyer X 14th June 2004 08:49 PM

OK!. thank you friends, the attention
2 Attachment(s)
I will put schematics, no good resolution because made too fast.

I had not time enough today, this way some explanations:

Documents are running, Enginneer checking calculations and will sign as i have to wait...if someone run faster than me, no troubles, my country law is a little bit more flexible... this way can streeeeeeeeeeeeetch a lot (strech) hahaha!

Amplifier is hot, not only a melting machine, but also works hot... very hot, my heat sinks not enough and fans are blowing air into it, today temperature too low to my place.... around 24 degrees... all house closed, everyone outside full of clothes..

Was modified by enginner and now i could have a little bit more, 322 W RMS in 4 ohms charge (speaker also,but with care, because will burn easy), to have this power, voltage plus and minus where keept around 65 with some regulation, never reduce more than 3 volts because regulators.... 6 transformers where used (have no one big) and output where connected in parallel after filtering, some diodes because one supply has a little more voltage than the other.

Input signal in 4 ohmw was 825 maximum to start clipping, current reach 4.3A each rail, continuos power consumption of 533 Watts, and i used in output 4 units 2SC2922 and 4 Units 2SA1216 from Sanken, each one unit around 85 gain, differences under 25 percent.

I increase transistors to six pairs, all them with emitter resistor of low value (thinking in increase), amplifier no protection to distort, this way to work with two ohms i used 6 pairs, result was explode my charge, i bough another one made with strong resistance wire, not as a coil, a zig, zag (a coil too) but low inductance, lower than speaker.... in this charge the input was 780 milivolts and current 7.8 each rail, voltage fall to 58 volts unfortunattelly have no power enough in supply, power measured was 557 RMS when starting to clip....but made fast, heatsink not enough... to this power it need something alike 850 square inches of metal surface in contact with air, something around 34 square fins measuring 5 by 5 inches, using one third of that and fans working maximum on it (now 5)

Bias adjusted to 15 miliamperes each transistor colector to emitter stand by current, output offset adjusted in 5 milivolts.... and goes to 23 when hot.... also current increase too, but not so much (almost twice iddle).... diodes inside holes in heatsink and with thermal compound, response minus 3 db 4 hertz to 60 kilohertz

Square waves rounded corners around 80 kilohertz, and low frequency very good in charge, square wave shape became reasonable in 20 hertz and good up them 32 Hertz, triangle no problem and sinusoidal also no problem too.

Audio seems to loose deep bass, this way, if have some idea, please, they are welcome, your amplifier, do it and show me, please. I use 4 speaker, 8 ohms nominal each one (do not believe, may be 6 or 7), and all parallel to 2 ohms, seems to not feel bad, the amplifier, with 4 voice coils.... put also 2 microfarads no polarized, and something start to change... when put 4 microfarads ....hummmm , no good!... this way, better not invent crazy passive filters without resistance before condensers.

Input used BC546 and BC556, gains matched in 10 percent, used front and hear matching... the best matching front and hear...left and right.... up first transistor with down first transistor.... this way.

Second Stage use BD139/140, unfortunattely could not match, one is 57 and other 89 gains

Next stage, i call pre driver, the first of three units together alike darlington, but not exactly darlington (Mr. darlington will be damned in heaven if he looks)

Next MJE 15030 and 15031 bad matched too

followed by MJE2955 and MJE3055 (Smile...hahahahaha!... incredible.... i also think!)

The last one 2SC2922 and 2SA1216

Mine, do not explode till this morning... i go out and keept them cold with continuous 100 watts rms

If works very good, and if you like it, Destroyer X is the responsable, if you find some problems....the enginneer that will sign will be responsible, i will move to bahamas for the time you nervous! hohoh‘!

Be happy burning all your speaker!

Hey, put a fuse... for 2 ohms 15 amps will be enough?????

I imagine it can go further... maybe 800 watts using 13 plus 13 amperes, and supply stable in 65 volts plus and minus...and this case, use hiher emitter resistors, 0.47 ohms and 12 pairs of transistors.... 24 units..... $

DJBass, thinking in you.... making your earthquake!

NO!, Mr. John Lindsley Hood made sound better, this one may beat 5 friends next saturday, but they have no power... and they will not put 2 ohms resistance to became red to demonstrate!

They are not crazy to see, because i always said that so much power not needed., but they may be very well impressed... comparing to Leach....hummmmmm i will say nothing.


AKSA 14th June 2004 11:35 PM

Aw, c'mon Jam,

That's not fair.

It is difficult to make a very high power amplifier stable. Stability margin seems to be strongly related to rail voltage, and anything with 65V rails is tetchy. Consequently, you need to increase lag compensation to pretty high levels, and this affects sonics badly.

Carlos' amp uses just 22pF on each VAS, and 10pF across the feedback resistor. These are low values, and I can guess from my experience that this is inherently a very stable design. I would expect sonics to be very good, despite the triple emitter follower (again with 10pF as slowdown caps across collector base on the predrivers).

No, I would say if you wanted really high power, this is a very good design, well sorted and quite refined, and Carlos has offered it gratis, pretty decent of him, I'd say.

So quit whingeing...........:D



destroyer X 15th June 2004 03:15 AM

Thanks hugh, this amplifier, the reference one
Where hardly proven in our "out of time carnival parties", they work inside enormous Scania Vabis trucks, surrounded by many speakers... a mobile music festival, with dancers and all stuff, and year after year, you enter the truck, and theres the amplifier.

The one that do not understand, have troubles to understand bad english.

If he need, he will make some effort to understand.

Its a free offer, tested, reliable, and strong amplifier.


officeboy 15th June 2004 04:27 AM

Hah, I'll keep trying, don't worry about that. :D

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