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5th element 9th March 2004 02:58 PM

Cap upgrade
After having a discussion via the boards on capacitors this lead me to believe that a cap upgrade was nescessary with my active xover.

I had previously read somewhere that caps in active xovers didnt matter, which I found hard to believe at the time, but it was nice to know considering at the time I wasnt interested in spending large amounts on capacitors.

Either way I upgraded from the el cheapo polyester caps to some polystyrene ones. Now these polystyrenes were not hugely expensive about 90p ea for a value of 4.7 nf which is fine for xovers crossing tweeters and mids/woofer together. The largest value these came in were 33nf which worked out well as they fitted right in to the high pass on the mids. I didnt alter the caps on the bass, I didnt see the point, how u gonna get more clarity on thump thump thump, plus it would almost double the cost. The 33nf cost 1.50 ea.

These are axial components that have a tollerance of 1%, I measured a 33nf and it was 33.3 so I guess thats good enough for me! I also bought a meter of Belden 1694A to replace my non 75ohm cable with something proper. First yes farnell do stock one meter lengths of this and yes it does improve the sound over a Chord company chrysalis. Plus it only costs 2.50. Ok so the total cost came to 25. So for 18 caps and a meter of wire thats kinda a lot.

But its worth it, if you are using medium ie peerless HDS morel MDS30's etc to high end Excels and Scan stuff, then its deffo worth the extra outlay. You get better transparency and clarity, things are better separated. Not a lot more to say then that, try it an you'll see.

Nelson Pass 9th March 2004 09:43 PM

Cheap at twice the price.

5th element 9th March 2004 10:12 PM

Yes but in comparison to an OK and very good passive component;) mebbe ten times the price.

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