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destroyer X 11th September 2013 11:22 PM

Dx Armagedon will be released next Christmas - 2013
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Already tested audio power amplifier, already assembled and i will continue to test it till December when we gonna release this as a DIY design, for free, with all layouts, informations, support, videos for you.

It is real, the video link below show you the prototype, more tests to come, more videos to come, more movies using simulator to come.

Layout will be provided by Juan Vargas Diaz and also by Fábio Zimmer.

To produce pcboards and group buy will depend on how many guys will be interested..and this is up to them.

You may say (the less friendly guys may say) that is another Blameless design...i will answer you that you are entirely, totally and completely right....we, Brazilians, do not change a team that is beating others..this is foolish...why to replace the best by another inferior design?

This one is tested, guaranteed..and torture will confirm along these monthes to come.

Then i will release the Dx Boom MKII.... the same schematic having a low pass filter in the input..this will complete a system having a subwoofer can produce a three channel amplifiers able to put out more than 4 kilowatts (theoretically) if you manage to have a strong supply to do that.

I do think, in a more conservative and realistic gonna have a three channels putting out 1 Kw undistorted, at 8 ohms withe 0.006% THD.

I use to alternate high power with medium power amplifiers...and this one comes after the Dx Super A that put out 300 watts maximum at 2 ohms, when this one put more than 300 watts at 8 you see that this one is really is not impossible to reach 1800 watts each channel, RMS at 10 percent least simulator says that.

This month i gonna have Juan starting to distribute pcboards to the Dx Super A...and in December you gonna have a monster unit for your year you may even have pcboards available..but layout to etch at your home gonna be my gift for you all...uncle charlie Christmas gift.

What i think about this amplifier.... excelent sound..... in special for bass and voices...i could not evaluate treble that looks good as i have to replace some tweeters at my home..they melt with ths range of home unit, the prototype is putting out more than 400 watts RMS.... tweeters are dying here..i have lost some when injecting high power at 20 kilohertz...they are usually for 30 to 50 watts and cannot hold that power

I know that what kills tweeter are oscilations..but i ensure you the unit is not doing that and scope tests gonna be published.... relax..this one is scope is back home..also the good generator (a vintage Simpson).

I want just one to assemble..this is all i want...when the one come to the forum and make the review..i am sure many guys will assemble..and this gonna be a great massage in my heart.

Power to an amplifier depends on your power supply...if you power supply is 300 watts..not way to have much more than 200 watts of audio...if you feed this monster you gonna see the earthquake inside your house...the nails will jump out from your wooden walls.

Dx Armagedon - High power unit to be released - YouTube



Denmas 12th September 2013 01:21 AM

DX Armagedon

Wow ... I can not wait for uncle

Bigun 12th September 2013 01:34 AM

Wow, this is going to be a beast

wimpy speakers need not apply - better get speaker protection for those!

Aniket 12th September 2013 05:02 AM

Another hypnotizing thread from Dx corporation. All the best uncle Charlie.:)

Ranchu32 12th September 2013 05:15 AM

Subscribed :-)
A worthy successor to the Blame MkIII

destroyer X 12th September 2013 11:24 AM

Thank you folks..... the Earthquaker.... a monster!
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This will Shake your house.... i was thinking to call it SHAKER...a friend Omar would appreciate this...but i do think this word is not correct.... to make milk shake we use blender and not a shaker.;)

You gonna have it folks..... Christmas gift...fully tested...wonderfull sound..hiper super duper high crazy power!:o

Competition gonna be nervous....well...i will invite them to assemble to feel good again:happy2:

Sucessor....a respectable sucessor... the bass can beat the MKIII..... i cannot say the same to the least for a while as i have a 100N capacitor in the input because of the chinese sound generator...the cube you use to see...gonna use other audio source and i will evaluate..... it looks gonna be awesome..for a while i just cannot say anything about is filtered and damped...i am not listening the real thing now a days..will test with headphones.

Thank you Ranchu, Aniket, Bigun and Denmas.

Already sending invitation to my layout designers to produce the pcboards..we already have the starting point that is the Dx Boom pcboard...will fit the Dx Boom MKII (bass Armagedon for Bass)

It exist.... real amplifier...assembled and playing loud and clear and shaking the whole building.

I am thinking to send earphones as gift to the their amplifiers are too much weak (ahahahahah!) earphones may fit.

See the Dx Boom thread you gonna see the unit...and playing with only 42 volts.



destroyer X 15th September 2013 11:56 PM

Here you have a long video about Armagedon.
Armagedon - tested at 300W RMS/ 3 5 ohms - YouTube



destroyer X 16th September 2013 12:40 AM

Release will happens in December, 24th
Here a video about:

Armagedon the release - lançamento no Natal - YouTube



destroyer X 16th September 2013 06:43 PM

We gonna use 10 output pairs... this was decided.
20 huge power transistors gonna be used in the output.

In order to produce, in a reliable way, 1800 watts RMS or more!



destroyer X 16th September 2013 07:41 PM

While we are waiting the Dx Super A pcboards to distribute
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we are working into the Armagedon..... Juan Vargas, Fábio Zimmer and uncle charlie working all time long.... messages going and coming.... videos produced.... layouts being made...ideas travelling both directions...we are having fun.

See this new video...790 watts RMS in the Armagedon.(52.8 Volts RMS when distorting in the video).

Armagedon - more transformer power to feed the monster - YouTube

I do not have electrolitic capacitors..only 10 thousand plus 10 thousand and this is not enought...i need 50 thousand plus 50 thousand more microfarads (minimum)



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