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Paprika 13th December 2003 12:58 AM

Newbie Guidance...
oK, in reference to:

Intending to build this amp on the page linked below, but am confused what to do as far as the power supply. I really don't have any good experience with these DIY Audio Amps so as I read the page I caught onto the ideal behind the AMP but the page author was rather vague about how he provided a clean source of Direct-Current that the AMP needed.

So I am asking you what should I do. I hopefully should be able to figure out the rest if I can get my hands on the plans (schematics, parts list and all) for an acceptable power supply for this setup here that I want to build.

So if you could help me out by pointing me something that meets the requirements of the AMP I am intending to build and is reliable, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Peter Daniel 13th December 2003 01:04 AM

You will find all the info you need here:

Paprika 13th December 2003 01:21 AM

I had looked at that before, but I chose the other one because it had PCB layouts already made and it was for a Stereo/2-channel setup, which is what I need.

Paprika 13th December 2003 07:50 PM

ANyway I'm moving along, please help me with something though. - the to-buy list. Only 1 of the resistors has a wattage rating with it, what watt should the rest of the resistors be rated at for this project?


Peter Daniel 13th December 2003 08:44 PM

Because only this resistor wattage is important. Use any convenient wattage for the other resistors.

On Dungeon site the power supply and all connections is pretty well described.

Paprika 14th December 2003 01:59 AM

Ahhh... Ok, Thank you Peter Daniel

In refrence to that same 'shopping list' - I would want to get a fuse holder/socket and put a fuse in it so I can change the fuse in the case it is blown, right?

Peter Daniel 14th December 2003 02:04 AM

That's a good idea.

Paprika 14th December 2003 02:35 AM

Thanks again

I am down to the Tantalum Capacitors on the list, do those need to be high voltage like 50-80v? The most I see are 10v and such, I do see some reasonably priced 20v, 25 and 35v ones now but I am still not sure if these capacitors in particualr need to be able to handle high-voltage amounts.

Personally, I don't think they do, but I just wanted to ask.

li_gangyi 14th December 2003 02:59 AM

get the highest voltage rating that you can find...35V would work good...

Peter Daniel 14th December 2003 03:56 AM

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I don't think you should be using tantalum capacitors in this circuit at all. Comparing schematic and parts list, it seems like he chooses 10u coupling cap and 100u cap (shunting inverting input) as tantalums. I wouldn't recommend it.

Why don't you base your circuit more on what National is suggesting? Although it says LM1875, it doesn't change for LM3886 (except for mute).

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