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Spartacus 11th December 2003 02:01 PM

Linsley-Hood 80W mosfet amp

I built one of these some years ago, and to my ears it's a fine amp. However I'm needing a couple of extra amps for an active system I'm building, and wondering how my amp compares to the likes of the P3A, AKSA, LM3875 etc.

So, should I build another JLH or go for something new? If anything I'd prefer a compact design so that I can fit four in one case.


Spartacus 14th December 2003 07:55 PM

No-one built or listened to the JLH mosfet amp?

AKSA 14th December 2003 08:35 PM


The JLH is a good amp from a seminal designer.

The AKSA modules (55W into 8R, about 75W into 4R depending on supply transformers) are 75mm wide and 86mm deep.

For further information on the sonics, visit and ask the owners in the Aspen Amplifiers forum. Obviously I can't give you my thoughts on the matter!!



jam 14th December 2003 09:28 PM

Say it is not so!
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Subtle but effective....................:D

AKSA 14th December 2003 10:49 PM


I LOVE that great cartoon!! WONDERFUL!!

Actually, I feel pretty much as you do. Subtlety is, in my view, mandatory. If I had accepted all the generous spam offers in recent years I would be:

1. Dying of AIDS
2. Endowed with an organ so large I would require a Kenworth Rig to move around.
3. Taking good care of $US593M dollars of other people's money.
4. Qualified with 49 PhD degrees, and 321 Masters degrees.

Such is modern life on the net.........



jam 14th December 2003 11:24 PM

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Glad you liked to go hunting for Lars, Guido, Peranders...............nobody is safe .......;)


fdegrove 14th December 2003 11:49 PM



Say it is not so!
O.K....Shall we compose a list of all known or alleged manufacturers that do not contribute in a positive way to the forum?

How about the wannabee manufacturers we don't really know about?

How about those known manufacturers that we feel or suspect use the forum as a source for improving on their product?

Would any of the above justify such giving members such as Nelson Pass, Hugh Dean, Jonathan Carr and no doubt countless others to be categorized as commercial?

Subtle as it may seem sometimes I'd hope for the mass intellinge to set the two apart...I can do so and I'm sure you can too.

Oh, and the greater designer amongst us don't really need this forum to promote their ideas, believe me, they really do not.

No doubt in my mind, Hugh Dean is NOT abusing the forum...
Although you may see it differently, I don't, as his contributions are just that tad too valuable to me and I would hope the forum feels the same way as well.

As a matter of fact I gave away some circuits as well that I hope people will discuss and come up with possible improvements and that kind of critisism is all I hope to see from the forum, meeting greater or equal minds than my own.

In the mean time, I know Hugh thinks much along the same line...

Respectfully yours,


jam 15th December 2003 12:30 AM

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It was all in jest and ment Hugh no disrespect ............... now on the other hand if it was a certain person from South Carolina I might have ment it differently, besides most Aussies have a great sense of humor.;)


Jocko Homo 16th December 2003 02:20 AM

"Rule 6.......
There is no rule 6.

Rule poofters."

qwad 16th December 2003 02:44 AM

:xeye: NO WE ARE OZZIES [hence real men who don't necesserally like or eat queiches!].... and no wierdo's tolerated:D

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