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Adnancoskun 10th May 2013 07:39 AM

power amplifier schema for use outdoor
hi everbody,
i need a power amplifier's schema and PCB (1000 watts or 1500 watts) for use outdoor...

best regards,

Ian Finch 10th May 2013 08:48 AM

A 1-1.5 kW amplifier will require a high voltage power supply, so you are probably in need of weatherproofing or a suitable vented enclosure or housing with appropriate approvals for safe, all-weather operation rather than any particular audio amplifier design.

No high power electronic circuits, particulary DIY assemblies, should be considered safe for general use in exposed conditions. However, if the power level is your primary requirement, you should follow Apexaudio's threads for a wide range of pro-style DIY amplifiers.
Go to the beginning of threads to see what's on offer and the specifications.

Adnancoskun 10th May 2013 01:33 PM

Dear sir.
i have made apex's 500 watt power amplifier, bout it is not enough for the voice of open space...(for me)
That why i need more than. :D :D
thanks a lot.

Ian Finch 10th May 2013 02:49 PM

Then if you wanted 1kW or more, you could have searched Apexaudio's threads for a more powerful one, no?
Since efficiency is getting worse for class AB amplifiers at this power level, class H is a better option but is becoming more complex too. See the schematic.

The better option, that remains simple to build and will be more reliable and easier to transport, is to build another 500W amplifier. This can maintain audio when there is a failure. It also means you will likely have a useful stock of spare parts that suit either amplifier.

Just to be clear about what is possible with double the power, remember it does not double the sound level you hear. Audio level is increased by just 3dB, not much at all. If you have a serious lack of volume, you may need to look at speaker efficiency (drivers and enclosures) and a much larger amplifier such as a 2kW class D type which are available cheaper than you can DIY build a class AB amplifier.

Adnancoskun 10th May 2013 02:54 PM

I'm going to do your taking into consideration,
Thank you ,regards.

jaycee 10th May 2013 02:59 PM

IMO such power levels are foolish to DIY. You will pay more in the cost of big transformers, heatsinks etc than you would pay to buy a ready-made, tested amplifier. Also Class AB at these kinds of power levels is just too inefficient. You really need Class D, which is pretty much out of reach of most DIY builds.

JMFahey 10th May 2013 04:24 PM

Agree with above suggestions.
I think since you have successfully built a 500W module, build 4 or 5 more , on rack cabinets, and mount them in a rack case.
And as mentioned, if you have problems with one, the others keep working.

More important: you tell us nothing about the speakers you are using.
Please describe them, they are important.

If you increase the total system power, you will also have to add more speakers.
You can't just use a 1500W power amp and leave everything else the same.

@ Ian Finch: I think Adnan refers to open air shows (in good weather ;) ), not to weatherproof fixed installations such as those in racetracks.

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