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dmbaile2 21st January 2013 03:27 AM

I just screwed up my Maverick D1 Pre Amp...
I was trying to disable the "direct" switch which bypasses the volume knob. The switch has led to trouble in the past, it will get flipped and blast my speakers with more wattage than they were ever designed for...

Anyway, I cut the cable directly next to the plug thinking that it would disable it... It didn't.. In the pictures it looks like a plug but it actually is not, which is why i had to cut it. There is plenty of room for me to re solder it.

But is there anyway for me to disable it?

The "direct" Switch is all the way to the left.

Art M 21st January 2013 04:19 AM


Originally Posted by dmbaile2 (

But is there anyway for me to disable it?

Of course there is a way to Butcher it up some more. Please post the Schematic for the next step..

kad 21st January 2013 04:20 AM

  1. I would suggest carefully reconnecting whatever you cut.
  2. It is possible to disable a bypass switch but you must find the appropriate portion of the switch used. Only then can you disconnect the wire going to that terminal.
  3. It might be helpful if you removed the volume / bypass switch assembly? For inspection of the PCB traces? If the potentiometer and switch go to the PCB, it is possible no wire can be disabled. Thus you must look at the traces on the PCB and find the appropriate cut.
Please focus onto the potentiometer LEVEL (volume control) R47 as an example of the way your volume control works.

The bypass switch simply shorts the portion of the resistor on the wiper arm gliding over the surface. Thus 'direct' I suppose?

And then again, I could be wrong? Good luck!

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dmbaile2 21st January 2013 08:57 PM

Their does not seem to be a schematic available :(

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