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rhythmsandy 25th December 2012 06:29 PM

which one is best in sound quality 2sc5200 1943/ Sanken 2SA1216,2SC2922/ Sank std/sap
which one to choose among the following transistors

Sanken 2SA1216 , 2SC2922
Sanken STD03
Sanken SAP15
Toshiba 2sc5200 2sa1943
Toshiba TTA TTC for the same above pair...

which is best in sound quality?

or Mosfets 2SJ201 1530 pair
or Hexfets IRF240P pair?

which gives the best sound quality

Ian Finch 25th December 2012 09:37 PM

If you are asking which pieces of silicon sounds better, the answer can only come from the imagination.
The "sound" is in the complete circuit and the application they are used in, so let's talk about that and
select what components to use from that direction.

JMFahey 25th December 2012 09:47 PM

Fully agree.
Or to be more precise, the answer to

which one is best in sound quality 2sc5200 1943/ Sanken 2SA1216,2SC2922/ Sank std/sap
is *NONE* , because by themselves they do not sound.
They are just another brick in a very large wall.

rhythmsandy 26th December 2012 03:28 AM

I do agree that but each device has its own Ft and different FFTs like semisouth has a SIT transistor which was giving least distortion among any transistor available in the market so the above might have such characteristics..

drivers: scanspeak 8545k, tweeters ss aircirc 6600,
amp psu rcore, amp output stage simple pushpull
dac pcm1796

JMFahey 26th December 2012 04:45 AM

Yes, in theory it should make a difference, but in any regular amplifier the tons of NFB swamp it.
*Maybe* you might notice a difference in a *very* minimalistic amp, such as one of those with a single transistor and 2 or 3 resistors.

east electronics 27th December 2012 08:50 PM

here is some real input ....

P3a is running on my bench 5 years now and almost 12 hours a day
In these 5 years expect a zillion tests and combinations made to please the owner
Name it i ve done it
With in these tests is mix matching of all the parts included in the original schematic
So i have been spending lets say a period of one year keeping pretty much standard the rest circuit but playing around only with outputs .

Still i can give you my opinion but i have no means to explain why ....

2sa194-5200 sound muffled and rough even worst and in any other combination if used with 150xx drivers
fairchild 1943 5200 clones sound alike but still just a touch more rough ( tested with many drivers ) still other tests outside of your question proved that fairchild clones are more rugged than the toshiba
2sa1492 3856 sounded really nice far better than the 1943 c5200 and also be able to sound nice in a wide range of supply
1216-2922 combo sounded something in between the 1943-5200 and the 1492-3856 still an also for reasons i dont know the 1216-2922 combo started to sound better in higher voltage version 50+50 volts
MJW 1302-3281 was also very nice mine was made by Motorola (? ) and rumors say that these was re- mark of the original Toshiba 2SA1302 2SC 3281

from the above the best sound was the original Toshiba 1302-3281 by far

in the next section i ve done the same thing exactly with drivers and also mix matching drivers and outputs ( hell i ve been doing this for 5 years for all the parts of the amp ) in a 5 year run yes ( again ) the 1302-3281 was the best for reasons i cannot explain .

These are the tests i ve made and the results i have and as about SAP ..sorry no darlingtons for me ...and sorry also no mosfets in class AB ....

kind regards

rhythmsandy 28th December 2012 03:34 AM

thank you sakis...

I think andrew there are things which work in time domain and its all about aural evaluations... we have seen sonic variation with very slight changes in the component selections. Anyway sankens transistors seems pretty good overall I have even auditioned the MBL Amps they sounded nice checked and found they use the Sanken big transis..

sajti 28th December 2012 07:27 AM

I used many of the 2SC3281/SA1302 clones, but the best I found is the NJW0281/0302 pair. I think that the driver is almost as important as the output device. The NJWs sounds quited dead with the MJE150xx drivers, but the marriage with 2SC5171/SA1930 are very happy.
The Sankens are better little bit, but the price (from Farnell) is terrible high. My favorite is the 2SC3519/2SA1386, I feel that they are as good as the 2922/1216, with lower price, and if You don't want to build real high power amplifier, You can use them instead of MT200 devices.


sbrads 28th December 2012 09:08 AM

Sakis, do you ever go back to revisit original deductions?

east electronics 28th December 2012 09:18 AM

sbrads sorry i don't get the meaning of the question can you please be more specific

kind regards

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