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destroyer X 12th October 2012 01:16 PM

Dx Custom.... the Bass Machine!
I am starting to make a new Dx amplifier.... and i have posted something at the Dx amplifier thread...but i have changed my mind to feed the old thread and now i am opening a new one.

It is a Dx amplifier for high power (not exactly the same DHR Turbo)...and for bass.

It will be able to work with 2 ohms loads and it is possible to reach 1.3 Kilowatts of RMS output power (0.6% distortion) from 35 to 200 hertz.

I will start trying passive input filter.... no VBE multiplier gonna be used, i gonna use 4 high speed diodes in series and a string of resistors and trimpots.

An extra board will be made to produce two boards, this will help to avoid piracy because will turn pirate's life hard..they will be forced to make two pcboards and interconnect them.... or to produce and sell two boards...expensive thing because too many transistors in the output (maximum of 20 units)

Renato Comerlatte and Juan Vargas (Vargas Mongo) are the ones offered themselves to produce the new pcboards layout (2)... they are already doing it.

I gonna feed this you have two videos explaining details and a third video is beeing uploaded to Youtube:

High power Dx for Bass - YouTube

Dx Custom - YouTube

Output board will be made in order for you to cut pieces of it to reduce length and quantity of output pairs..i will give help and follow up for builder in order to them to adapt the amplifier for the VA rating they have at home (transformer), or the ones they can build or CUSTOM because of that.

Pirates will be forced to build full power .... 20 transistors...but you do not need to do that.... will be posted adjustment to full power...but for you i can communicate directly via email informing you the modifications you should make to match your special customized needs.

I am just, do not make questions about the VA rating and transformer voltage because i have to study each sittuation separatelly and directly via email.

Of course all informs will be posted here to the full power people want to copy they will be able..but will not be able to customize.



AndrewT 12th October 2012 02:37 PM

1300W into 2r0 requires ~ 72Vpk and 36Apk at the speaker terminals.
A real 2ohms speaker could require transient current outputs approaching 100Apk.

Are you really trying to design for that kind of loading?

destroyer X 12th October 2012 03:25 PM

Here you have the third video, i have already fixed transistors
1 Attachment(s)
So, it is matter to run wires, to check circuit, to search for errors and shorts, to adjust and to listen....i gonna do it tomorrow.

Dx Custom - starting to produce it - YouTube



destroyer X 12th October 2012 03:33 PM

I will try Andrew.... gonna try, but i cannot test it, i can simulate only
Wanna help?... then inform how many output pairs i gonna need to face all that peak power?

Maybe 36 output transistors.... i have not observed that for a while... the amplifier is in prototype moment, so, i am open to suggestions and help.

20 transistors are to be used for more than 20A into 90 Volts (SOA) but for small time...i really have to think a lot to conclude how many will be needed for continuous 1.3 Kilowatt power.

I do not think people will manage to find a transformer good enough to feed this monster..but it is a good idea to make if good to face full power at 2R..... just in case someone manage to install several power supplies in parallel or try a SMPS.... the real world power will be smaller.... people will try smaller voltages and smaller VA ratings for sure...also people may not use 2R...but.... to make it able to face the hard job can be really interesting.

To fully understand what i mean you should view these videos i am producing... a lot of ideas and explanations are there.

Prototype being assembled is only for testing purposes into a range of 300 to 400 watts RMS... to fully understand these details, please, take a lot at these videos you see below in the signature line..others gonna be made soon.



destroyer X 12th October 2012 03:49 PM

Here is the output ... Vargas Mongo (Juan Vargas) is working on it
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Here you have an image...not final work.... we are starting to work on that.



destroyer X 12th October 2012 03:57 PM

The power amplifier diagram is more or less this way
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It is in the prototype moment, so, it will be changed in order to obtain the best sound with the smallest possible distortion.

The quantity of output transistors are there only for demonstration purposes, quantity will be available depending your needs (Customized)



Boscoe 12th October 2012 04:34 PM

What's wrong with pirates? If your not earning money out of it (which I thought were the forum rules) why does matter? As long as they don't claim it as their own which they can still do.

Anyway good to see your offering your designs to the community!

destroyer X 12th October 2012 04:54 PM

Hehehehe.... that defense of pirates was funny... you may be kidding with me.
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The big trouble are these movies we are watching last couple of years.... they made pirate looks so nice....ahahahahah!:)

Piracy is piracy.... it is a kind of robbery....not that interesting, not that good actually... when making poor copies it is much worse. problems... each one of us with our own values, thoughts and beliefs...we have room to everybody in this world.... even Iran guys says things that makes sense.

Parameters?.... attenuation to frequencies upper 250 hertz... to my taste gonna be better upper than 200 hertz (i hate 250 hertz and i love 35 hertz).

For subwoofer amplification... only for Bass.... a kind of earthquake generator.

The amplifier is there.... waiting to be finished and tested...gonna do it tomorrow... i am already tired...temperature here is 29 celsius.



destroyer X 12th October 2012 06:12 PM

Juan sent me another layout image from the output
1 Attachment(s)
Here you have.



destroyer X 12th October 2012 10:54 PM

The Dx Custom is already playing
I have installed a 40 plus 40 volts supply to test is fine.

Tomorrow i gonna install 92 plus 92 volts supply.



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