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Steve M 8th October 2012 02:10 PM

Bakoon Amplifiers ~ Flying Under the Radar of DIY!!
Hi Folks,

Having searched on this forum for anything to do with Bakoon amplifiers and coming up with nada (nothing), I thought I would make this post.

I have the original little Bakoon amp in house. The 15w/ch Bakoon SCA-7511 Mk II integrated amplifier, $4K retail, made in Japan and with a proprietary unique Satri circuitry.

I have had quite a few amps tube-solid-state-digital-chip amps-ClassA-Passlabs-Firstwatt-Krell-Naim-Musical Fidelity-Supratek SETs-Audio Research-Accuphase-B&O ICE-Bel Canto-Tripath & Texas Instruments Equibit chip etc.

As a point of reference, I currently have Firstwatt clone F3, F5 amps, Krell KSA50, LM3875/4780/3886 chip amps, ICE ASP250 and push pull 845-300B-6SN7 Class A tube mono blocs.

However, none of these amps get 'under my skin' like the Bakoon amplifier. It is an amp that is lit up from the inside, free and unfettered of the electronics, hardly any sense of artificiality.

The Bakoon just sounds right to me ... tactile, connected to the music, tonally correct, extremely hear-through in character, the most transparent overall (even more so than valves, if that can be believed) and really good at the transient leading edges of the music, good at the attack and decay and it does this without any harshness.

The Bakoon amp is apparently just a well sorted Class AB circuit with unique Satri circuit, see review here:

6moons audio reviews: Bakoon Products Intl. Amp 11R

What I am wondering is whether any of the audio gurus have studied or understand the Bakoon Satri circuit? What makes it so SPECIAL?

As usual nothing in life is perfect, as the small 15 w/ch Bakoon amp seems a bit weak in the bass and cannot drive difficult speaker loads. However, in the overall voicing, the clarity of midrange and treble - it is sublime, and possibly exceeds the best traditional tube and Class A solid state amps, IME.

Bakoon does make more powerful amplifiers up to 100w/ch, but they are quite expensive and the talk on the street is that the little 15 watter has the 'magic' .


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DF96 8th October 2012 03:13 PM

There could be a reason why a factory-built amplifier has not been mentioned on DIYaudio. Is a circuit diagram and meaningful description available? 6moons is not highly regarded on here. It could be that the 'Satri' circuit is another manifestation of the Gilbert precision BJT method, but audio reviewers rarely give enough technical details - either they don't have them or they don't understand them.

CharlieLaub 8th October 2012 03:33 PM

Yawn... my entire system is not worth $4k... the "high end" market is nothing but crazy :rolleyes:

I bet this amp has parts worth at least $49 inside that fancy $300 case. Maybe "Satri" means "chip amp biased into Class-A operation"? That would explain the 15W output...


CharlieLaub 8th October 2012 03:38 PM

OK, maybe it's not a chip amp. Here is a pic of the guts:

gaetan8888 8th October 2012 04:29 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Here's two variation of Saki input circuit.



demidan 8th October 2012 07:22 PM

Hi, Gentlemen! I'd like to explain my impressions of comparative listening of Satri 15 and 35 w vs AN Quest monoblocks. The sourse was the same -Micromega s 2. the load was the same -those vintage cubic top-glassed JBL (sorry have forgotten the model). the identical wire... I have recorded a CD-compilation including russian orthodox church quartet (male), Brenda Lee, the Aborted (Archaic abattour), A. Bocelli (Opera album), and David Gray's "Draw the line" who's voice seems to be a real audioterminator.
Satri impressed me that time -especially the senior model, although connected to 'V' not "I" RCA sockets. Maybe that was the reason i have chosen Quests. They played dynamic, wide, transient -taking under control the trash metal hurricane of Aborted, the same time gently preparing slightest nuances of church singers. Fantastic Brenda Lee remained very clear allthough sharp and non-affected by distorsion. It was moreover, the most "big" sound of all three.
A pity, but that time we didn't have Satri CD player and those large horns, and the last cornerstone -regenerated power. If it was so... who knows. Satri seems to be a complex of a monobrand products created to be coupled one to another, like AN. but I've heared that the Satri engeneer strictly recomended large horns as an appropriate load. for me that was a rear experience,as this brand is not widely discussed.

Steve M 8th October 2012 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by CharlieLaub (
Yawn... my entire system is not worth $4k... the "high end" market is nothing but crazy :rolleyes:

I bet this amp has parts worth at least $49 inside that fancy $300 case. Maybe "Satri" means "chip amp biased into Class-A operation"? That would explain the 15W output...


The usual el-cheapo cynicism. Is Nelson Pass, Bakoon or whoever else not allowed to make some money from their creativity and endeavors??

Steve M 8th October 2012 09:25 PM

Thanks Demidan, good to hear some user experiences with the Bakoon.

Steve M 10th October 2012 10:12 AM

More shots of the innards of the Bakoon amp. So what's going with the circuit, boys? Any clues as to why it sounds so 'special' ? Apparently the input circuit is very different.

I'm waiting for comment from some of you autistic savant guys to see a unique pattern within these pics ...



homemodder 10th October 2012 10:32 AM

I fail to see how the topology is either special or proprierty, it resembles or rather lets say it copies the topolgies from the early 1980s current feedback opamps. In this case no feedback is used. Current feedback amps can and do sound very good because of their speed and wide bandwith. Have a look at the SSA thread, youll find similar circuit is used in the beginning stages but there no use of current mirrors is made although this helps linearity as there is absence of feedback. This circuit also makes use of a much better outputstage so I would think the circuit could indeed sound good.

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