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demidan 4th October 2012 05:48 PM

Turning back to solid state- is it a right outcome for horn speakers?
Hello from Russia. I wanted to know, is it worth doing to replace an AN Quest 300b with ML2l, if the load is Klipsh Cornwall. Pre is ML 380 player DP 75 from Accuphase. Although Cornwall is an easy load, with Quest monoblocks I feel lack of body in the sound. In our town I am the only who is in the theme -no one had experience with Quest- nor with Ml2. Iwould be pleased for any answer. Dmitriy

wahab 4th October 2012 11:03 PM

If you re talking about the amp on the link below surely that any
correctly designed SS amp , preferably in class A or deep AB will
be quite an improvement for performances and sound...

Audio Note

owenhamburg 4th October 2012 11:46 PM

Personally I think you will find horn speakers will dominate over the sound completely and little will change in your system, as the speakers will define the steep cut offs and resonances, more than a valve amplifier, they are the voice of your system, have you thought of trying DSP approaches to adjust the sound?

If the amp you mean the Mark Levinson, ML2 is the 25 watt/channel mono amplifier, class A, released from 1977 to 1986. All the electrolytic capacitors will need replacing. I would suggest that maybe its worth contacting the manufacturer before buying one, maybe the servicing cost will be low. My experience with simple amplifiers with nice high Class A bias has been positive, but some times changing capacitors values can have unexpected results, but I keep under 200 Euros and enjoy the game.

Myself I like electrostatic speakers better than horns, Quad speakers do sound very good without DSP, but with a ML2 an ESL 63 or later model would play plenty loud enough for me but I live in a flat not a country house.

demidan 6th October 2012 06:18 AM

Turning back to solid state- is it an outcome for horn speakers?
Hello, gentlemen! Now I will try to make comments. At first I'd like to thank all of U men! Now I am aware of ML 2 is a good amp. Although good amp is working amp and of course it ought to be carefully guarded. But anyway Qest (the link is right to the item) is not the first amp coupled with Cornwalls. The first I did was Unison research Simply two... The sound was the same in caracter but what made me amazed was wideness and deepness of the scene and a lot of inaudible previously details. So that was 300b! So me was considering myself as audiopurist... Until I changed preamp sunaudio SVC 200 for ML 380. The improvement at least of balanced technology was drastically! The point is I like the "horn" sound. I fond it as real and warm and 3-dimensional. I have in the same room the HK theater system that is not horn like. I do not feel a difference of horn coloration from Klipsh. I like Quest but I think I must have total balanced tract...

demidan 8th October 2012 06:22 PM

Hello, there are some news. ML are ordered. Temporarily Accuphase DP 75 is coupled directly to the power section of intgtd amp called "korvet" which my father used to buy during USSR era. That's definitely soviet high end works in small power as class A and if gain power- in AB. good for ZZ Top and small band jazz. Perfect dynamics. The image is s
A bit sharpened and not yet provided depth of field. Vaiting for ML I think about the interconnect cables- who knows what seems to be the best. Waiting nowfor Your advices!

demidan 15th October 2012 02:00 PM

Now I Listened to my system with ML-2L (what is 'L' I don't know). Fantastic. That is a real endorphin extractor! But ...a drop of oil in the honey -that one monoblock got by "center" radiators from both sides definitely hotter? than the other. Maybe it could be for a long time, as the radiators looked "bleached". By the Way, who knows, how should I act if I want them "fade to black"? In pauses the speakers were totally scilent, but I could hear the 50 Hz not loud hum from Toroids directly, it seemed to be a little bit more intensive from "overheated" monoblock. I 'll apreciate every step on the road to understand the problem.
Regards, Dmitriy.

demidan 15th November 2012 07:35 PM

Hi, Gtlmn! I think this is a last thread and this item can be closed. I think it's high time to open another topic...
As Levinsons got ready -cornwalls appeared to be too simple. I mean -if ML's are the amplifires -Cornwalls are the "simplifires".
Thank You all for answers!

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