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udhay_cit 7th September 2012 01:52 PM

Need help ESP Project 101 (Found schematic by Google seach)
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Hi, I found ESP Project schematic diagram by Google search. Don't ask me the link or schematic. If you are lucky you will find the link.

I am confused:confused:!!! Is it legal to post the link here or not!!! Because it is already available in internet legally:o with 100% same schematic diagram & 100% with component value (!!! the designator itself same:D).

Now i have the schematic diagram, PCB & all the component's. (I am using BUZ900p & BUZ905P MOSFET'S).

Now i have some doubt in testing.
1.How much bias current i can set for the SUB-AMP.

2.Initially i am using single pair of mosfet for test. Is it necessary to add 0.1E resistor at the output of MOSFET?

3.For testing my supply voltage is +33V & -33V (24-0-24 transformer).

4. (General question) Can i move the 0.1E resistor from output side to the supply side.(That is from Source of the MOSFET to Drain of the MOSFET). Will it make any problem?

Here i have attached the 3D placement of the my PCB design. Its almost clone of the original in placement.....


Nico Ras 7th September 2012 04:43 PM

why don't you communicate with Rod Elliot directly?

Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages (Main Index)

richie00boy 7th September 2012 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by udhay_cit (
I am confused:confused:!!! Is it legal to post the link here or not!!! Because it is already available in internet legally:o with 100% same schematic diagram & 100% with component value (!!! the designator itself same:D).

Just because something is already on a web page does not make it legal. Whoever put the schematic with component values online broke the trust and agreement with ESP.

ESP will not give you any help because you did not buy the PCBs from him and used a stolen schematic to build. Would you help somebody that had stolen from you? You should report the web page to ESP.

john65b 7th September 2012 05:13 PM

I agree with may not get much help from members. Why not build as designed and bring up slowly on a variac?

And I think those MOSFETS are to be soldered on the underside of the PCB, not on top of it, so they can be bolted on a heat sink.

I have built the P-101. Excellent amp. A friend just had to have it, so I reluctantly sold it. I now have another ESP PCB and all the parts to build another....time...

udhay_cit 8th September 2012 05:38 AM

Thanks for the reply. I am using the word "legal" & highlighted it because you know why??? Because i found the schematic link in "US PATTERN REGISTRATION".

How do you say it is illegal & stolen schematic??? & the US pattern drawing provides me (& all) the open source schematic diagram, then how can i complaint to Rod Elliot?????

I think now i can use the word legally & if the schematic is available then what is the problem to make my own PCB & amp????

I know i didn't purchase the PCB from ESP so i can not get help from Rod Elliot. That is why i am asking help from peoples like you!!! If you can... Please help me...

For only PCB designing & for 3D view only he MOSFET shown in top side of the PCB. Actually the MOSFET will be under the PCB as like original design...

Finally.... i hope i am not doing anything wrong or illegally because i got the schematic from a legal website (Designed-2008, published-2011). Anyway today i will send the link to ESP-Rod Elliot...

If anybody know the bias current... please let me know.....If you wish.....

Thanks & Regards

Kindhornman 8th September 2012 06:01 AM

I think that you need to understand how the patent and copy-write laws work in the United States. All patent are published and the exact circuit is listed and covered by applicable laws. I do not know if they have also taken out international patents but if they have you may have committed a crime by not only copying the design but also if you try and make this available for copy to others. If ESP did not internationally patent the design then you can probably legally use this information in your own country I assume. But I would look into how that works, there may be cooperative agreements between our countries. I think that you will find you are on your own by most on this site.

Nico Ras 8th September 2012 07:27 AM

I guess the same goes for cloning a KRELL and all the other illegal things going on here and everywhere else in the world. Everyone in the world should be sued by everyone else or jailed for copying something someone else did, draw, said, thought or wrote. If it cannot be proven beyond a doubt that you are profiting from someone else's patent, what is there to sue for? Zero as a percentage of zero profit is quite affordable actually.

However, it is unethical and I maintain that you should contact Rod directly for information, it is his product and if we help you we are just as unethical. There is nothing on Rod's site that prohibits anyone from doing his own thing, it is in the public domain. Rod encourages you to buy his products because that is what puts bread on his table. Think of it you have just cost him a meal and asking for more free information from us would be even more unfair to him.

If you cannot work out what to do with it then you should not have nicked it.

jean-paul 8th September 2012 07:30 AM

I could sue you as I said exactly the same sentence in 2010. There is a copyright on anything I do, draw, say or write.

Kindhornman 8th September 2012 07:41 AM

I think that if you look at other clones it may be a different story. If you just look at a circuit and make a copy for yourself you probably wouldn't have much of a problem even if it is technically not legal. But I think and correct me if I am wrong that most cloned circuits are not exact clones of the board art layouts? If someone doesn't own the basic circuit layout but does own the copy-write to the actual board layout artwork would you copy the artwork exactly? I am not a lawyer, but I think that there are some gray areas here. How many actual circuits are patented verses the actual board layout? I bet there is a copy-right symbol on the boards that ESP sells on their site.

ivanlukic 8th September 2012 07:56 AM

My P101 is built using pcbs that I bought from Rod (ESP). His boards are not expensive and I buy them from Rod to help him continue his work.


For sub it is enough to bias 20mA. But you can go to 100mA if you have BIG heatsink.
Everything you need to know about biasing MOSFETS is in National Semiconductor Application Note AN-1645!

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