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wirewiggler 15th July 2012 05:08 PM

Building "The Wire AMP" Class A/AB Power Amplifier"
The last thread got strung out with the purchase of the boards and power supplies. Lets try to keep this one on topic with build info. First I have not decided to go mono block or stereo, my use will be for low end bi-amping with OB so mono blocks are not paramount as separation for bottom end is not a critical (some may argue). However this may not be the only application so versatility may prevail. In any case I will go with a linear power supply with a separate LME power supply. First off I purchased the low voltage regulator used on the wire headphone amps, I an having difficulties locating replacement capacitors with the correct voltage any suggestions? Second Owen recommended this for the transformer "60-50-0-50-60 @ 0.1A-7A-0-7A-0.1A with both 120 and 240V primary windings" I am not sure if that was for 1 or 2 channels. Also I have a couple of Brian GT's power supply boards do these seem appropriate for this application what capacitance would work if so?


wirewiggler 15th July 2012 06:24 PM

Whats in the toy box now
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Ok this is my plan DCB1 preamp or buffer, wire se headphone powered from dcb1 board, DSP module se in balanced out, LPUHP for full range may switch to F6 when available, wire A/AB for bottom end. Haven't decided on OB yet maybe Seas exotic or Lowther, probably divorce WAF on OB not good -low hide factor.


qusp 15th July 2012 07:45 PM

nice!, looks like you have a few things that go 'bing' in the background there too. Whats the DSP?

I should have pics in the coming weeks too. obviously theres going to be some build related crossover posts from the switcher GB, but there is now a thread for directly dps600 related Q's as well in the PSU section. which has some preliminary pinouts and basic info AP2 posted a little while ago.

as for caps, you mean the main reservoirs? or just the ones on the FE regulated PSU? OPCs TX recommendation there will be for one channel, but you could in the short term use it for 2 if you kept the bias down, not a big deal if you are running it for bass. so go for 100V caps, pana FC are always good. I generally use screw term caps for main large reservoirs, so cant be too much help there, i'm sure someone or 10 will chime in with a suggestion, or 15

BuildMeSomething 15th July 2012 08:32 PM

@ wirewiggler; that's looking like one impressive project...

@ qusp; the MiniDSP ... oodles of fun in a dinky package :)

I'm looking at the posibility of using the standard se 2x4 minidsp within a pre-amp to handle room EQ, and maybe x-over duties if I go with small speakers & sub setup [most likely XTZ & BK Electronics].

Bi-amping didn't cross my mind at the time of getting the pcbs, so yet another trick passes me by...

qusp 15th July 2012 08:46 PM

ahh, nah not for me, overflowing with dacs here, thought it was DSP only that I might not have seen. I nearly bought one to play ages ago before deciding to go all out on multiple sabre dacs. I posted a few non-standard implementation Q's on their forum and was met with silence, so they were passed by

wirewiggler 16th July 2012 03:21 AM

My first thought was Mr pass's B4 but DSP offers some more flexibility probably at some degradation, but you need to find out for yourself if it is acceptable. I was was inquiring about both caps, My first look at Digikey I was unable yo find higher voltage offerings for the voltage regulator for the LME. Second question was about the reservoir caps I was wondering if these would be suitable . I am not sure what constitutes as a computer grade cap and if it applies to audio use.


qusp 17th July 2012 05:13 AM

well done DSP is unlikely to present more 'degradation' depends how you define it I guess. the thing i'm not sure about with the miniDSP is it resamples everything. look like good fun though and they do seem to be continuing to develop it.

pana FC are good, but I wouldnt bother with the output caps on the reg for the front end, if you are mounting close or directly to the amp, just omit them and leave it up to the ones on the amp. if its for the input, yeah these would do OK, I think 12.5mm is about as large as you'll fit on the board and I think 270uf is as high as they go in the 12.5mm P10781-ND at digikey. the stuff from Apex Jr should be fine, computer grade caps and industrial grade caps in general can be better than audio grade. I have some similar ones from him and theyre great.

wirewiggler 21st July 2012 05:19 PM

I am going to contact Richard at sum r for some transformers if anyone is interested in adding to order pm me.

wirewiggler 22nd July 2012 10:15 PM

If I go with the mentioned transformer applying the 1.414 multiplier using full wave rectification I will need at least 70v caps the cornell's are 80v they should work fine. At 3 X 12,000 uf + 1000uf local should be plenty. Will have to see what the duncan calculator comes up with.


hochopeper 22nd July 2012 11:15 PM

Bill I can't remember the specifics of the outcomes but this thread - - might be of interest for working out required capacitance for your power supply.

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