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shamilto2000 29th June 2012 06:50 PM

Replacing old tube preamp on 1962 Magnavox
I'm a newbie here, but I have a Magnavox 88-01-00 that I've done a bit of work on over the past few years (new capacitors mainly). Lately I've been getting a lot of high-pitched ringing, which I assume is due to bad tubes in the preamp. I'm replacing those, but I'm wondering if maybe I should just find a solid-state preamp to replace the whole unit for the long term? I love the power amp, but wouldn't mind having a less finicky preamp, especially since the existing one's phono stage doesn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions on an affordable vintage (or new, I suppose) preamp that I could hook up to the power amp? Ideally I'd like the preamp to sit inside the cabinet (I bought the piece originally more as furniture than as audiophile equipment), and I'd want it to have a good phono stage as well as allow CD input.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Ian Finch 30th June 2012 04:22 PM

It would be better to ask the guys in the tube forum about this, as you are obviously undecided about tubes or transistors. If you know what the problems really are, either technology will work but it takes a very good (expensive) tube phono preamp to live up to today's audio standards.

If the pre. is your only concern, buy a suitable cheap SS Ebay kit and experiment first, though shield it in a steel case from the hum around tube amps. Otherwise try a tube design recommended in the tube forum. I think there is little point going all-out with an expensive design when you are not really decided what you need yet.

Frank Berry 30th June 2012 04:53 PM

Those console stereos performed pretty well.
I would re-cap and re-tube the preamp/control section.
The phono section equalization is designed around the ceramic cartridge that Magnavox used in that model. A standard magnetic phono preamp will not work properly.
I'm also thinking that the output level of the existing preamp is very high since the power amplifier has only a single gain stage, a phase inverter and a pair of p-p output tubes per channel.
Good luck and have fun.

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