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babylondrifter 24th May 2012 05:48 PM

Aragon 24K sp PreAmp by Mondial Designs, possiblity for component/wiring upgrades?
After upgrading a pair of old QUAD 405mk2`s to mk3 circuitboard and monobloc conversion with good help from so my good old B&W 804 matrix series could get sufficient good quality power, they were new in 1996. Then I got my hands on an Aragon 24K sp pre amp by chance, for next to nothing. I remembered having seen the Aragon series back in the 90`s, but as I understand they went out of production in 2001.
I noticed that someone had chopped my Aragon 24k sp for ALL connectors/terminals/input/output RCA plugs and more on the backside of the chassis. It was empty except from something similar to one XLR plug,
that I later found out was for the EXTERNAL power-supply.
I opened the chassis to look at the damages,
there`s lots of space inside that huge chassis.
For every line in or out from the circuit-board there`s a pair of thin wires sticking out, close to where they must`ve been connected to the RCA/phono-female sockets/abductees.
I don`t know yet if they`re long enough to solder on to the new RCA terminals I have ordered, so maybe rewiring is a necessity.
Since I just have had the QUAD 405`s totally reinvented with new capacitors, op-amps from Burr-Brown, wiring and Mono PSU I started thinking WHAT IF anyone outhere had experience in upgrading, modifying anything inside the Aragon 24K?
I`m also out of reach for the original power-supply that came in an external chassis with some 20-30cm wiring to keep it away from the main chassis, I suppose.
Is there anyone that has a hot tip on how I could get my hands on something similar to the PSU? Schematics for the Aragon24K pre-amp and perhaps he power-supply? a DIY or semi-fabricated somehow in best possible state for audio use?
I started thinking, when I saw the huge empty space inside the chassis and as well all I/O terminals has to be changed.. Could a USB DAC DIY board fit in there, so I could solder on a PC audio input on one of the lines that won`t be used. Thinking of hijacking the Tape-Listen/Record terminals, if that could be doable. I read about this DIY DAC Kit on this site, It sounds promising with the board powered by the USB, so it should just be to mount it safely and solder the USB plug and a couple options on outputs. Or am I dreaming? :Olympic:
If anyone got a clue on this pre-amp, please illuminate me!:confused:

thanks for yr patience

Schurkey 8th January 2014 03:05 AM

Outboard power supplies from Mondial came in three varieties, ALL of which were +24V and -24V.

There was the "base" power supply, a glorified wall-wart.

There was the "IPS" power supply, in a lovely triangular metal case.

Both of the above would work for your 24K, as both used the 3-prong XLR connector.

There was another outboard power supply, the "Ingot", which was similar to the IPS except with a bit more capacitance. It used a four-prong XLR connector so that it couldn't be plugged into the XLR output connectors of the preamp it was intended to be used with. Changing to a 3-prong XLR would make it suitable for your 24K.

Kevin Chambers is building aftermarket power supply circuit boards, ready to be installed into an IPS or Ingot housing--or the project box of your choice. You'd need a power cable, and the XLR connector and wires. You can contact Mr. Chambers at

Tell him Schurkey sent you.

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