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JdAo 29th February 2012 07:15 PM

Health etc. relating to weird plasticy smell on vintage amp
I have this old vintage amp, a Technics SU-V9 that when powered for about half an hour and well warmed up emits this awfull plasticy smell. Are the residues this emits of any concern for health ? This seems to be a strongly well build unit but I think the pastics are starting to desintegrate a bit, maybe they weren't of the same quality of today's stuff (the plastic part not the rest which is probably the opposite I know...:)).

Any thought on this ?

And what about those even older 70's amps, are those even worse ? Note that although the V9 doesn't have plastic on the outside casing it does have on inside cables, which the 70's amps do too I bet...


JdAo 29th February 2012 08:32 PM

I assume this is almost hilarious in a forum of electronic junkies that are used to sniff sodder fumes all day (just kidding :))

crispycircuit 1st March 2012 05:23 AM

It could be a first!

Coconuts 500 1st March 2012 08:56 AM

It could be a capacitor that is running hot, with the plastic sleeve on it getting burnt. I had an amp with this problem, but after recapping it, it went away.

Ian Finch 1st March 2012 10:41 AM

If you were more specific in your description than "weird plasticy smell" perhaps we could be more helpful. However, many consumer electronic designs still are constructed on cheap Urea-formaldehyde substrate (often grouped as phenolic) PCBs, These smell of their constituents, formaldhyde and urea which, if you were paying attention in high school, are low level irritants at the concentration released from warm PCBs.

Some would describe that odour as something cats excrete but perhaps you have something different like leaking electrolyte from well outdated capacitors or otherwise failed components. Check for the area of strongest odour and heating of parts there.

Juergen Knoop 1st March 2012 11:00 AM

not forget to mention that greasy dust found in most old equipment!

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