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Bonsai 23rd September 2003 04:25 PM

Spice Models
anyone know where I can get spice models for the IRF250 and IRF9250 or their 240 and 9240 variants?

Fred Dieckmann 23rd September 2003 04:39 PM

Yes I would for all 4 parts if there actually was an IRF9250. Sorry I can't help.

andy_c 24th September 2003 02:36 AM


Here's what I have.

.model IRF240 NMOS(Level=3 Gamma=0 Delta=0 Eta=0 Theta=0 Kappa=0.2 Vmax=0 Xj=0
+ Tox=100n Uo=600 Phi=.6 Rs=5.466m Kp=20.82u W=.44 L=2u Vto=3.814
+ Rd=97.84m Rds=888.9K Cbd=1.813n Pb=.8 Mj=.5 Fc=.5 Cgso=1.977n
+ Cgdo=490.5p Rg=3.604 Is=5.191p N=1 Tt=312n)

.model IRF9240 PMOS(Level=3 Gamma=0 Delta=0 Eta=0 Theta=0 Kappa=0.2 Vmax=0 Xj=0
+ Tox=100n Uo=300 Phi=.6 Rs=80.81m Kp=10.53u W=1.9 L=2u
+ Vto=-3.807 Rd=.2515 Rds=888.9K Cbd=1.436n Pb=.8 Mj=.5 Fc=.5
+ Cgso=4.933n Cgdo=51.23p Rg=.6716 Is=179.4E-18 N=2 Tt=325n)

.model IRF250 NMOS(Level=3 Gamma=0 Delta=0 Eta=0 Theta=0 Kappa=0.2 Vmax=0 Xj=0
+ Tox=100n Uo=600 Phi=.6 Rs=4.484m Kp=19.93u W=1.1 L=2u Vto=3.804
+ Rd=50.32m Rds=888.9K Cbd=3.481n Pb=.8 Mj=.5 Fc=.5 Cgso=1.461n
+ Cgdo=401.8p Rg=5.545 Is=40.52p N=1 Tt=340n)

Bonsai 24th September 2003 08:01 AM

THanks Fred - much appreciated.

Fred Dieckmann 24th September 2003 08:34 AM

you can lead a horse to water.......
I wasn't trying be totally obnoxious when I told you that there was no IRF9250, I thought you would go to the IRF website and confirm, which is what I did when I didn't recognize the number. The Spice models are there and take about 5 minutes of poking around to find.

Five minutes with the Google search engine and an entry of "mosfet Spice models" and you would find:

I don't mind helping people who spent at least 5 to 10 minutes of effort on their own before expecting someone else to do it for them. Isn't this forum still called Do It Yourself audio?

Bonsai 24th September 2003 09:44 AM

I misread the email trail. Sorry, not only can I not find models on the IR website, but I also can't read properly. So let me try gain

Thank you andy_C! much appreciated.

Fred, you sound like my boss.

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