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Kees 8th September 2003 09:58 PM

JLH - Pass - Krell clone - Cresendo what sounds best
There are many different amplifier topologies.
All 4 types, JLH - Pass - Krell clone - Cresendo type, can be made class A, with massive power supplies, heat sinks and output stages.
What are the main audible differences between these amplifiers, assuming the same investments?

DrG 8th September 2003 10:45 PM

That would be very hard to quantify objectively, if not logistically impossible. Firstly you would have to either evaluate all 4 comparatively or find someone who has and who has similar amplifier 'taste' as you do... The only other comparison possible would be by way of specs which may have zero connection with ultimate sound quality. So, you're stuck with a question which has no easy answer.

I would advise that you define your needs in terms of power and expense. Then go with your gut feel... you won't be "wrong" no matter which you choose. The only other alternative is to solicit the opinions of hordes of forum members and follow the "trend"...

peranders 9th September 2003 07:56 AM

This question is like what beer is the best: Zeunertz, Mariestad, Kaltenberg, Pripps, Falcon, maybe wine is better?

All designs work but they are in some cases very different. I'll guess you have to gather opinions and deside for yourself.

I have no problems with Crescendo-like amps and I suppose the Leach amp is similar. Am also in the process of making a Gainclone, which I never have listened to.

tschrama 9th September 2003 09:16 AM

Hi all,

Any one got a link for the cresendo amplifier schematic. That name keeps popping up but I haven't found a schematic so far...


mik 9th September 2003 10:17 AM

Eccu 9th September 2003 10:40 AM

We speak about Crescendo Millennium Edition which was presented in Elektor magazine 2001-4.

PCBs found here:

Jan Dupont 9th September 2003 02:42 PM

You are the only one that can select the one that sounds best to you!!!

Upupa Epops 9th September 2003 09:47 PM

Selections of beers
Hi guis, our friend Kees can try "taste of beer" and he can clear answer before. You are telling him "try and you will see", but you, like experienced men, know, how many times after wrong beer head crack :cannotbe: . After many headache he will knows "what is the best", but he can't go by this way, he can "short way to the near of heaven" :idea: . In my life I have build maybe thousand of amplifiers in many configurations, many amplifiers I have heard and tested for our magazines and I can say, if I see circuit diagram of any amplifier, I can tell, how it will be sounded ( gentlemen Per Anders, Jan Dupont, John Curl and probably many others knows, what I mean :nod:). Is certainly true, how they says, that "personel true" is for every man unique, but it will goes later. So Kees : if you realize some of requriments ( same power supply for every amplifiers, same voltage gain and all amplifiers will be "tuned for good stability", you will hear following : Crescendo - objective much more clear trebles and sujective less bass - it is ideal amp for jazz, folk and classical music. Krell - subjective more bass and not so clear trebles like Cresc. It is amp for rock and pop. JHL : similar like Krell on bass, treble more distorted (quasicomplementary configuratoin is not ideal for low distortion ) - using the same like by Krell. Pass : here is many fans of Mr. Pass, becouse its easy to build this amplifiers and they maybe will be object, but this amplifiers have big "sound coloration", especialy types for DIY :rolleyes: Some people like it, but I not, my ideal is absolutely clear sound which have probably ( I do not hear it, but I saw patent) now Halcro, my "State of Art". This is end of my short "palete of amplifier sounds".

DrG 9th September 2003 10:44 PM

Upupa Epops, forgive my directness, but I believe a lot of what you say may be absolute poopoo deluxo...


In my life I have build maybe thousand of amplifiers in many configurations, many amplifiers I have heard and tested for our magazines and I can say, if I see circuit diagram of any amplifier, I can tell, how it will be sounded
I don't buy it. There are endless variables involved and you would have us believe that notwithstanding differences in speakers, sources, cables and rooms not to mention that every kitbuilder is going to use different transformers, resistors, caps and semicon vendors, you are capable of predicting the sound character of an amp...??!!

Forgive me Mr Moderator, but this sounds a lot like the purest form of distilled bull$hit I have ever heard.

Kees 9th September 2003 11:08 PM

About 10 years ago I listened to a massive DIY amplifier with 8 Sanken output transistors per channel, very large capacitors in the power supply and very big toroid's.
The guy who made it did not want to tell anything on the design.

The loudspeaker that we listened to was a predecessor of the speaker of following link

The amplifier was controlling the speakers perfectly and could go extremely loud. It was amazing how loud it could play without irritatating or hurting your ears. The difference with a Mission Cyrus and a NAD 2x 50W was VERY HUGE. I never heard this quality from a commercial amplifier up to EUR 2500,- or more.

I have a feeling that a Krell clone with:
- fully symetric design
- overkilled power supply
- regulated power supply for the voltage amp
- Sanken high speed output transistors

is the the best way to go for clean, powerfull, wide soundstage

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