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Dj BASS AMP 12th August 2003 11:44 PM

1V to 5V input signal
i have a amplifier........

that the pre-amp out a 1V of signal...

i want to build with ne5532 (if it is possible)

a stronger pre-amp from (simple: cd player) to 5V out

how can i do that ?

Dj BASS AMP 13th August 2003 09:16 AM


Dj BASS AMP 13th August 2003 11:29 AM

:scratch: :( :rolleyes: :goodbad:

EchoWars 13th August 2003 11:36 AM

Why do you need such a high output voltage? ...and why can't you just use a decent opamp with a gain of 3 or 4 or so to accomplish what you want to do?

Or am I not understanding what you are doing?

Why do I ask so many questions? ;)

moamps 13th August 2003 12:05 PM

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peranders 13th August 2003 12:10 PM

Note that this amp can't deliver 5 volts (if you really want 5 volt rms, not gain of 5) out with single 12 V supply. You will need at least 20-25 volts or +- 10-12 volts.

Dj, just because nobody answers you in a few hours doesn't it mean that they never will...

moamps 13th August 2003 12:52 PM


Originally posted by peranders
Note that this amp can't deliver 5 volts (if you really want 5 volt rms, not gain of 5) out with single 12 V supply.
Yes, I now. This was fast answer. And this schematic is good start for DJ.
Also, I don't think that DJ needs 5VRMS line level output. IMHO, no one need this. :cool:


Da5id4Vz 13th August 2003 01:07 PM

Unbalanced to balanced?

Are you trying to interface a -10 dB output (RCA) to a +4 dB (XLR-F) input?

The transformer isolation in this circuit would also be useful in doing DJ work where your equipment will be set up in numerous interface configurations and diverse conditions. The Jensen transformers are a bit pricey but extremely well made.

Regarding the Jay's post:
I also agree with Jay below, that the ESP products look very good.

Jay 13th August 2003 01:11 PM


I'm not clear with what you are asking.

I think most CDP has an output level of 2V RMS (peak).
Amplifiers have more variations in it's sensitivity, so pre-amp must be designed
such that the pre-amp output (when the volume knob turn to maximum) will not drive
the amplifier to clipping.

Because pre-amp stays in the middle between the CDP and the amplifier,
what you need to do is simply design the correct amount of gain in your

Depends on the circuit type used, gain in op-amps usually (if not always)
is a function of (voltage) feedback resistor. Lowering the resistor value
will increase the voltage feedback and increase the gain.

NE5532 is a dual op-amp. In the ESP website (Rod Elliot's) there is a project
for a very good pre-amp that (if I'm not mistaken) uses OPA2134. OPA2134
is also a dual op-amp. I think that the project allows you to choose your
preferred gain.

If you need the formula to calculate gain in various op-amp circuits,
Let me know and I will dig my computer...

Have you tried ESP??? It's mandatory!

Dj BASS AMP 13th August 2003 01:16 PM

THANKS moamps
I NEED it for amp than need a high input of signal....

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