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Algar_emi 12th August 2003 03:52 AM

My Jung SuperReg PCB
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This is my first desing of a PCB for the Jung SuperReg. The desing is from ALW site, see

Using this schematic and some others on the web, and also all the discussion that I red on this forum, I came up with this first version of the PCB. There is a complete ground plane on the top of the PCB. A small schematic showing the parts number and the connexion names will follow.

Any Comments will be welcome.

Algar_emi 12th August 2003 03:55 AM

Jung Reg PCB with GND Plane
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Here with the ground plane.

Algar_emi 12th August 2003 03:57 AM

Q1 and IC1 Spacing
The spacing between Q1 and IC1 was chosen so I can install these heatsink: Aavid TO-220 Heatsink,Gold Digikey HS132-ND, or bolt them directly to a frame.

Algar_emi 12th August 2003 04:05 AM

The Schematic I used
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Here the schematic that I used. Sorry for the zip/pdf file. It was too big for the gif and screen format of this site.

andy_c 12th August 2003 05:23 AM


Thanks for the link to the ALW site. I hadn't read it before. And congrats to Andy W on a great site!

I looked at your schematic from the zip file, and if I understand the description of the regulator/pre-regulator connection from the ALW site correctly, the pre-reg is actually supposed to stack on top of the output of the super-reg. In other words, what's shown as GND of the LM317 portion of the circuit should really be floating on top of OP1/OP2. The pre-reg is set for 2.5 Volts output (gain of 2 to a 1.23 Volt bandgap reference), so I think the idea is to have it produce 2.5 Volts VCE for Q1.

From Andy W's site:
"The Kelvin sense point TRS1 or TRS2 is connected to the regulator output (OP1 or OP2), the pre-regulator output is then connected to the Super Regulator input (TROUT to SRIN). The raw +ve supply is then fed in on TRIN, the tracking regulator input."

Algar_emi 12th August 2003 12:55 PM

Pre-Reg purpose
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Further in ALW very good article, he mentionned that the pre-reg output is then set: "2.5V above the super-reg output". This is why the Pre-Reg resistors are set for 2.5V.

Here the other schematic that I used. It is showing very clearly the pre-reg connexion. It used it also to configure the gnd star points. The differents gnd points are very well explained.

Algar_emi 12th August 2003 12:58 PM

Jung Connexion
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This other excellent schematic, still from ALW site, is showing how the JUNG reg PCB is connected. You see the jumpers installed.

grataku 12th August 2003 02:38 PM

What's the point of re-posting all of ALW stuff? He has everything freely downloadable on his site? Also ALW sells the stuff for real cheap.
Buy the guy a beer for god sakes! ;)

Algar_emi 12th August 2003 03:43 PM

Why the post
I just produce an Eagle version of the PCB so others DIY can use it if they like. This is also a compilation, at just one place, of the numerous pages I had to read/search throught to get everything right. Just to get the negative version of the Jung reg (Not on ALW site by the way :clown: ) took me more time than necessary :scratch:. I didn't mean any disrespect for ALW works. Since I don't know ALW real implentation of his PCB and parts choice, and that I used only freely available info on the web to produce this compilation, I tried not to hurt any body feeling.

DIY is also building thing by ourself, for our own use ;). Even if the ALW regulators are available (and I didn't know they were since I couldn't find any order/prices info on ALW's site :cannotbe: ), I would had build my own. It is also probably cheaper for me since I will use a lot of parts that I have in stock to build it...

Just by the comment of Andy_C, that didn't know about ALW site, I will probably help ALW get more sell and more traffic on his web site.

Algar_emi 12th August 2003 07:31 PM

Corrected PCB
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I found a few mistakes and did a few changes (isolated so more gnd traces, rotated parts to reduce trace lenght).

The EaglePCB file is available. Bye...

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