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destroyer X 20th April 2011 01:34 PM

Dx Blame MKIII Supercharged will soon be released
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It is a modified circuit...much more alike Doctor Self Blameless, but not the same..deeply inspired as i cannot avoid to use the best wide world audio amplifier schematic as the base of my designs, as reference to tweak and tune..i do think there's anything better than that....and all Blameless style sounds special the MKIII and also soon the MAKO that is under testing.... the second one will be based into the Precision 1, Blameless and also Electrocompaniet.

The MKIII is assembled and being tested..for a while i am adjusting and now values printed into the schematic, but soon you gonna have it.

Alex MM is invited to produce layout...boards will be produced and Meanman will be the European distributor, if not the whole world distribution center..also boards will be produces in the diysmps forum too..and sold there with a very small profit to allow circuit designer and also layout designer to have some free samples of boards without having to pay for it..very fair i think.

So, everybody that will buy must know 10 percent are included above the cost price....if this results not acceptable for our forum, then boards will be produced in another forum and will be distributed from that forum, using Meanman clone and no group buy will be opened here:

Some informations are here..sorry, the new video program is tricky..but you can listen the audio that is reasonably clear to understand:

YouTube - MKIII

Schematic, for a while without values, is attached... waiting Alex MM confirmation if he has time and desire to produce layout for the Dx Corporation International World Wide, DIY enterprise, an Audiophile Union without real profit.



Bigun 20th April 2011 03:57 PM

Hi Carlos,

Good to see you are still making new amplifiers, the addiction is strong !

This latest one is for high power then ?

destroyer X 20th April 2011 05:07 PM

This one is for high power but will look alike a toy
the day MAKO will be released.

having fun you i love to produce these things.



Rudi_Ratlos 20th April 2011 05:18 PM

Andrew will be happy, Carlos, when he sees the schematics:

There is a resistor on the collector of Q6 ! ;)

AlexMM will do a beautiful layout, I am sure! He knows, how to handle "big AMPs".

I wish you success with the MKIII.

Best regards - Rudi_Ratlos

destroyer X 20th April 2011 05:51 PM

New amplifier, new, i am confortable to install the resistance
terrible is to ask people to make holes in the board or to solder the resistance below the board.

A new board will have room to install more resistances.

This is the moment, dear Rudi, to folks suggest things, to point mistakes and flaws...because after the board is done no more condition to be changing things without produce a we can change, we can include things without problems.....the schematic is now a days a looks alike the one i have assembled but will have modifications naturally.

In this stage of design, i can let room to several resistances that "may" be needed, because if not needed i can substitute them by a wire jumper.... but this is different when we have ready to go boards and people perceive the need to open holes to install aerial or under board parts.



Bigun 20th April 2011 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by destroyer X (
the day MAKO will be released.

having fun you i love to produce these things.



Yes, I should do some more amplifier building this Spring.

destroyer X 20th April 2011 08:04 PM

I had that intention too...but someone ordered an amplifier
as a exclusive design to his forum.... this way i am back to the job once again..but i really would like to stop building things.... maybe next year.

I am having much more fun listening music together my amplifiers and watching videos in Youtube.... soft work... we stop when we want...when you design amplifiers and offer to the community you never stop to work..always doing something, follow up and these things.



Bigun 20th April 2011 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by destroyer X (
as a exclusive design to his forum....

Wow, that's great, just proves that your fame is undisputed!

destroyer X 21st April 2011 11:58 PM

Thank you Bigun....also many thanks to Alex mm
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I am glad we still have Alex mm cooperating with an old member of the Dx Corporation, i feel happy having Alex doing these nice boards.

About transistors, i have to think deeply about...maybe will be more interesting to have them both sides to have board fixed by these transistors without the need to use screws....maybe not...i have to think about because we may need spacers anyway.

Repeating...board untested, also not checked by uncle charlie too.... for sure Alex mm watched with not use for a while...also circuit may need modifications.... please, do not build for a while....i could not even test it with low impedance loads



Bigun 22nd April 2011 12:15 AM

you can still use a spacer between the power device and the board yet still fix the board through the transistors as you are thinking to. But the layout you have there looks very nice as-is. The input stages well away from the power stage and the capacitors away from the heatsink.

Are the power devices spread out enough to allow all that heat to be disposed of though ?

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