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ispeakinbraille 8th January 2011 02:25 PM

solid state amp troubles
i was wondering if someone could help me. i have a Crate GT1200 120 watt solid state amp. its not the best amp in the world but its what i have. im running it out of a legion sound 4x12 cab extension cab again not the best cab in the world XD . Ive been experiencing some problems however. when im jammin with my band ( which is a hardcore genre of music) i use really high gain and ballzy low end for those brutal breakdowns. my lead channel on the crate just doesnt do it for me. so i put it on the clean channel and use a preamp pedal? which happens to be the mt-2 metal zone pedal. but at high volumes it turns to crap and becomes really fuzzy. at low volumes its freaking spectacular couldnt be happier. can someone give me suggestions on how to fix this problem? i cant buy a new one money is really tight right now.

my eq on the crate gt1200 solid state 120 watt head

low- about 3 o'clock.
mid- scooped down do practically nothing.
high-about 3 o'clock as well

mt-2 metal zone eq

level- 11 o'clock
low- 5 o'clock ( i usually turn them down at high volumes)
high- 5 o'clock ( again at high volumes i have to turn it down)
mid freq- 11 o'clock
middle- scooped down again just a hint not much at all
dist (gain)- all the way up

can someone tell me where my problems are at or what other equipment i might need to get to make this beast come to life. i would really appreciate it.

-- I Speak In Braille

Peckerwood 8th January 2011 06:34 PM

Try turning down the distortion.

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