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destroyer X 15th April 2010 07:18 AM

Dx Blame ST, operating from 18 to 24 Volts (unloaded) - Class A
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You know, as i have commented i do not like Class A, my environement, climate, weather, temperature, is too much hot to use class a...also i already have oven to cook food.

They compress, they kill treble, they distort in a very ugly way (awfull clipping), they are very weak in power, waste a lot of is impossible to me to accept that...i do not feel confortable, also i do not feel myself as an inteligent man using these amplifiers.

Despite of that, i know people loves, also they do not distort, crossover
distortion is almost zero, and this turns the sound interesting.

I very good and old friend from Croatia has asked me..them i have prepared..but no way to me to build..for sure will there's no reason to fail..circuit is clear, simulation shows enormous stability and very low distortion..lower than others.

It may be even better than the Dx Blame ST..for the ones loves low power and high heat.



destroyer X 15th April 2010 07:24 AM

Will i build this one to test? way!
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But it may be one of the best audio amplifiers ever made.

Board is the same board used in Dx Blame ES and Dx Blame ST.... details and layout in Greg home pages, and adjust stand by current to 1.2 A each rail:

Made for 8 ohms speaker..wanna use lower impedance?, then will have to re adjust, increasing the stand by current (my god!..heat!)

Greg's Web Site



destroyer X 15th April 2010 07:27 AM

It is very possible the Croatian friend will assemble..then he will post review
He is engineer, a special one...that kind of engineers that assemble things, that test and compare...the one travells to go to all high end demonstration of audio equipment, the one loves Bora amplifiers and Aksa amplifiers (me too!).... he use to build tube amplifiers..... the one knows... deeply knowledge.

Also, his constrution is much better than others (several) can do.

Let's see if he will manage to build... the guy is good...very, very good!

His town is Osijek, in Croatia.



destroyer X 15th April 2010 07:53 AM

Take a good look at the distortion and harmonic distribution
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compare with the best operational amplifiers and you will see the entire amplifier distorting 2.78 times less than some chips (the good ones)....also, it is 29 times less distorted compared to the Dx Amplifier, mine standard one.

Compare the specification with the competition and you gonna see this one comes to desintegrate, to vaporize the competition.



destroyer X 15th April 2010 09:39 AM

Some tips and tricks
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Basic things to inform you.



destroyer X 15th April 2010 04:59 PM

If you have a 24 to 32 volts, symetrical supply, then you can use this
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voltage regulator (Ampex and Sony - 1975).

It has capacitance multiplier, that 470uf appear in the output, to each rail output, alike a virtual capacitor.... the value of this virtual filtering is around
500.000uF to each rail...this slows down the, to use together an AB amplifier, the ones has enormous variation of current, then remove this big condenser and replace it by a 4.7uf or something alike.

This was made, customized, to my Croatian he has a 24 volts huge symetrical power supply...this way he can have a laboratory supply, and will be able to adjust from 4.7 volts each rail up to the supply rectified voltage.

Stabilization is around 5 percent or less..sometimes you can have 1 percent..depends the voltage 12 volts adjusted you gonna have 1 percent..adjusting to 18 volts, then you gonna have 5 percent.

transistors can be the ones you want..they must face the voltage, and the series pass must face the current you gonna "suck" or drain from this supply.

It is adjustable, it is stabilized, the filtering is awsome, the ripple is very small.

Can be used, was made, re calculated, customized, to my Croatian friend, to use together this Class A audio amplifier.



sparkle 27th April 2010 04:41 AM

Carlos - as you know - i am building it slowly...
more pictures and details are on this page:
- Blame ST amplifier - class A version (Pulse.Audio.Team)

it will be entirely made from my junk box from what i have ... will not be preety but hopefully it will sound very very good..... :)
thanks btw. for your modification of the original amplifier that fits into what i have (transformer)...

destroyer X 27th April 2010 04:52 AM

You are very producing my amplifier honors me
Your evaluation is precious.



destroyer X 27th April 2010 05:14 AM

Dx amplifiers, home made, DIY amplifiers, tuned for you!
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build amplifiers folks!

Let us see your amplifier pictures.



sparkle 27th April 2010 05:24 AM

don't worry - work is slow (family is taking it's time) but it will be done... :P

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