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tiefbassuebertr 17th July 2009 07:57 PM

Exactly titles of old transistor data books from NEC, SONY and Fujitsu (1975 - 1985)
for my data book collection I need follow older data book titles about books, that was release between 1975 and 1985:

1) from NEC with jFET's and BjT's both "small signal" (e. g. 2SJ44 and 2SK163) and power devices (e.g. the types, that are to see about )
I don't find this one by

2) from SONY V-FETs and BjT's also both "Small Signal" and "Power Devices" (e. g.2SJ18/2SK60)
I don't get any advices about

3) Fujitsu BjT's also both "Small Signal" and "Power Devices"

There are many of these datasheets on the Internet, but unfortunately only from other companies as the developer company.
If I know the exactly title and the year of release of this data books, I can order copies by my tele rent library.
Please let me know, If one of you know about more of this data book titles.

Thank you very much in advance

tiefbassuebertr 23rd November 2009 08:54 PM

I still want to know this

homemodder 24th November 2009 07:41 AM

I have Nec selection guide from 1995 in pdf, you could go through that and see if some of the transistors are in there, I had one from 1985 but I deleted it as those parts were impossible to find. Contact Jacco he is a walking library around here and might have some info.

Try Datasheet archive, in google, I think I got the Nec selection guides from there.

tiefbassuebertr 24th November 2009 07:58 AM

thank you for this advices.
I also have Nec selection guide from 1995 and overview with short form data from 1985. Additional I have a wide range of newer NEC databooks from 1983 and later. But about certainly jFETs and power BjT I haven't original datasheets and books. Especially the aera between 1970 - 1983.

If you try to find datasheet of the good known jFET 2SJ44 and 2SK163 on the web by google, you get a wide range of proposals and short form data from comparable lists and shortform datas, bot nowhere original NEC datasheet.

Therefore I need the exactly titles of older databooks of NEC, SONY and FUJ for order copies by my tele rent library.

tiefbassuebertr 22nd May 2011 10:33 PM

in the meantime I have found the data sheet from NEC's P-CH jFET 2SJ44:
Download | Datasheet Archive
But I am looking for the associated NEC databook from 1981
Who know the exactly title or can post a cover image like examples by post #34 and #37 about
And I am still looking to other old databooks (read post #1).

tiefbassuebertr 12th December 2011 05:31 PM

I am still looking to the titles of japanse databook from NEC, Sony and Fujitsu, also Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Shindengen and Matsushita.
Naturally members from Japan can give here at most likely advices.

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