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Oystein 8th July 2009 02:21 PM

Building an AMP of a commecial piece but with top-notch parts
I could not find a similar discussion but this has been on my mind for some time:

I have a NAD amplifier incl. service manual + diagram.
Any commecial piece can be upgraded with better components because everybody knows that most manufacturers try to build their equipment as cheap as possible.

But when their desigh itself is quite good (the NAD amplifiers has some reputation) how much better will the amplifier be if I build an amplifier myself by their diagram but with the best parts available.
I could beef up the power supply, use all MKP capacitors were possible etc ....
Has anybody gone this route and what to expect ???



Oystein 8th July 2009 02:42 PM

I forgot to add that ofcourse I would build it dual mono ... and during the "design" some other structural "improvements" would be done

Nrik 8th July 2009 03:19 PM

I have made quite some modifcations of these types throughout the years.

If you switch capacitors in the signalpath from eletrolytic types to MKP/Polyeser/polypropylene you will get a clearer mid and high range.
If you beef up the supply you will get tighter bass and less colouration in the low mids.

All other attempts I seriously doubt will make a difference.
You should not switch any of the transistors, since their weaknesses are calculated into the design. And resistors, pcb wires etc makes very little difference.

If you like the NAD sound, buy one and modify it.
It is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to realize your goals.

But if you want to build something form scratch, then you should choose another schematic - and maybe aim a little higher than NAD. Check out the Symasym
This is easy to build, can be fed with super components if you like, and it should sound excellent.

east electronics 9th July 2009 10:22 AM

in my company
we do many of things like that as you describe it

the truth lays in a few things

----if you read many but many threads on the forum you will notice small changes here and there that somebody did in a circuit and improoved one area fact #1

---- Then if you apply almost all of them in one amplifier then yes there is a hell of a lot of diference fact #2

---- Then most of comercial amplifiers have safety measures that are against sound quality and freedom removing or changing some of them alters the safety limits of the amp but improoves the sound serious fact#3

after all the above the choises are yours

----A ) is there really a point to do such mods ????

there is as long as you can hear the diference and avaluate the changes with numbers, scopes,gens ,and so on

----B) this might not be a costy job but will consume time beyond your imagination ( especially if you go "looking" for things ....if you know exactly what to do it will be much easier )

finally this is all up to you ....your ears and your time

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