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Myren 13th April 2003 12:18 PM

50W FM Radio Amplifier
A while back, our FM college radio station used to have a nice 50W transmiter. That got jacked. We're now using a 10 W on a blah antenna at a middle evelation point on campus, with a big hill dividng campus. you cant get the radio station on over half of campus.

Ultimately, I'd like to use either the existing network backbone or 802.11b to remotely locate the transmitter setup to one of the high rises at the top of campus. Along with this, I believe we still have or could get our 50w license....

I dont really know radio gear, dont know what we've got, but by the end of next semester i should hypothetically have enough theory under my belt to understand how FM stereo transmition works, well enough to take a amplifier, understand how it works, run enough simluations on it to be happy a particular tweaking of it, which is usually more than i'd ever need to start building, but probably where i'm comfortable building for this more demanding app.

I know this is slightly OT, but does anyone have ideas for where I could find info on building a our-current-10watter-is-jury-rigged lets-jury-rig-something-bigger-better college radio station FM radio amplifier, for something in the neighborhood of 25 - 50 watts? I'd like to have a base plan to work off of and study from, figure out how it ticks, get to re-engineering it, and eventually in another semester maybe i can help actual people with radios hear our station again.


moamps 13th April 2003 06:00 PM


if your 10W transmitter wich already have work fine (except to small output power), you can use them like exciter to main FM amplifier based on only one transistor (for example BLF177 from Philips) and get 50W without problems. You can look at , here you have pcb drawing and all information. You can chose some transistor from Motorola too. Look at manufacturer site. Check regulation and license in your country before start building.


paulb 13th April 2003 07:00 PM

Lots of places to buy stuff like this.

jackinnj 14th April 2003 01:51 AM

you can try Ramsey Electronics -- they are often in trouble with the FCC, however --

how are you operating a college radio station without an engineer?

Sawzall 14th April 2003 06:35 PM

Whoa.. slowdown
You have a whole bunch of work to do before you can even think about actually doing anything. This being a real radio station with paper, there is a pile of electonically filed documents - that need an engineer to sign off on. One who also has paper.

You are at your power limit at 10 watts. You have one of the last of an old time type - I know, I started out on one(WLCH-FM, call letters now a commerical station). The chances of you getting a power increase are very low.. approaching zero.

But assuming you actually got a CP to increase your power? Not a problem.. I could put you in touch with other public radio engineers who are retiring old transmitters and giving them away to a tax deduction.

(You didn't want your email available, or I would have given you a better detailed response. Drop me a note. I am in the DC area and can help you understand this. Its my real daytime job)

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